Top 12 Online Marketing Strategies for Blogger

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In this Blog I am sharing among you some most essential tips for raising traffic on your platform, so stick with it for knowing more about it.

I observed all Marketer as well as Business owners looking for consumers which's the only requirement of every Business without having any consumer Business can't run. Actually, in this blog, I'll share some techniques that help you to take your website on top of SERP Ranking. But, DA ( Domain Authority ) and PA ( Page Authority ) also important for ranking your website on google.

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You need to maintain your website Bounce Rate as well, it doesn't mean you are grabbing the attention of somebody just by sharing it non-relevant way. But, when you to the relevant way then you surely grab more attention on your platform. 

Online Marketing top 12 Techniques

Folk has a question that pops up in their mind but as per site developer, we are going to share you some techniques which help you to found a consumer for your business.
 To be a marketer and for some business owners what they had like more in this world, and they will probably tell you “more customers” what they often come after customers on a business’ wish list? More traffic to their site. 

So, how to increase the traffic to your site?

There are many ways to Increase site traffic and in this post, we're gonna look at 12 of them, which includes several ways to boost up the traffic of the sites by using several techniques to rising it up some techniques are free and some charge cost.

Best 12 Technique to take your site at the Top:
  •     1)    Advertise
  •     2)    Go social aware (Facebook, Instagram)
  •     3)    Mix it up
  •     4)    Write an Irresistible headings
  •     5)    Pay Attention to On-Page SEO (Content, tags)
  •     6)    Target on Long-Tail Keywords
  •     7)    Starting of Guest blogging
  •     8)    Make sure your site Responsive
  •     9)    Make your site fast
  •    10)   Research the competition.
  •    11)    Blog commenting
  •    12)   Google my Business page

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   1. Advertise
Actually, it’s one of the genuine things that most of the folk using there are lots of ways are available in online media where we can advertise our business and grab more attention toward our Business. 

Some results are free of cost and some of our charge money for advertising the product or anything. Furthermore, Paid searches, Social Media advertise and display advertising are all the spectacular ways of attracting new visitors toward our brand although getting your product to promote in front of people.

In addition, you need to adjust your paid strategies to suit your goals. If anyone likes more traffic then we must have to do a market analysis for that advertisement. More traffic attracts only if you provide more suitable details of the product which suits their needs.

 Brand name takes the big role of product and it affects the sale of the good. If anyone does not know how to take the good Brand name of the product and the product quality, not that much good as per written in the advertisement then sometimes that advertisement is so affected public.

If you’re thinking that just by increasing more traffic to your site which results from more in sales, you will need to target high Commercial Intent Keywords as part of your paid search strategies.

2) Go Social Aware:
Just by writing a perfect content doesn't mean that I'll reach easily to the people they're looking for the content. Well, if you do not make your content available on any social media or any platform then it's difficult for your content to visible others and it not available to ready for anybody except you. 

Apart from it, if you make share your content on another platform like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and many more types of sites which have more audiences for grabbing traffic for your blog then it's a really great way for traffic to your site. Twitter is ideal for short and seems especially effective in B2B (Business to Business).

 If you’re a B2C (Business to Consumer) product company, you might find great attention with image and heavy social sites like Pinterest and Instagram. By using media Marketing we can easily increase our organic sales by attracting more public towards it.

By using pictures grab more attention and it speaks more than your words or content so, don't forget to write something good content which really helpful for you. 

3) Mix it up
There is no other magic formula which is available for doing content marketing to success, despite what some would have to believe. For the reason, it varies the length and format of your content to make it as possible to different kinds of readers. 

Shorter, the news is based on blog posts with the Long formation of content as well as video, infographics and data-driven pieces for maximum impact. Try to make your content formatting so it visible properly to the visitors and if your content is hitting one niche then the user staying more on your blog too.  

4. Write an Irresistible Headline
Headings are the most important for grabbing the attention of visitors if your heading isn't proper and not that much worthy then no one opens your link which has the unusual title. 

Without a good headline, even the most comprehensive blog post will not read. Master is the art of headline writing. For instance, as you already saw heading on google ads or any ads too. No one-click on unusual content for knowing more about anything. 

5. Pay Attention on On-Page SEO
Optimization of your content on search engines is a very valuable and worthwhile practice. I think you need to make new content by giving the link to your old content so the user stays more on your website. Try to put your title in your description as well so it'll rank nicely.

Optimization on On-Page SEO does not have take ages and it could help you to boost organic traffic. Your page is more attractive only if you make it properly, by uploading the nice picture with your content and by having video as per content it’s good for attracting a huge audience.

6. Target on Long-Tail Keywords
By taking long-tail keywords it’s less traffic on those keywords so it’s more chances to show in google at the top of SERP, it’s time to target long-tail keywords, by taking Long-tail keywords for a majority of web searches, meaning that if you’re not targeting them as part of your paid search or SEO efforts, you’re missing out.

7. Starting of Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is not dead actually it's still alive, despite what you may have heard. Securing guest post is of the reputable sites can increase blog traffic to your website and help you to build your brand into the bargain. Standards for guest blogging have been changed radically during the past some couple of months, and spam text could result in stiff penalties.

 8. Make Your Site Responsive
If your site not response properly no one any user stays on that site more and the bounce rate of the site decrease and some site are not sizes are not much good to visit from cellphone and from the desktop. I saw many folks upload a large size picture on their blog which creates problems while crawling through the webmaster.

 Mostly using mobile devices to access the web, and if your visitors do not see the content in the proper format then they'll not stay on the site just because it's not comfortable viewable in cellphones, you basically telling them to go elsewhere if your site not respond. Ensure that your website looks properly so it suits for reading the text in good formatting.

  9. Make Sure Your Site Fast

If your web page is not responding properly and take more time for loading then the user will not wait for your website to find any Information till that information is only available on your site. Pages are as technically optimized as possible, including image file sizes, page structure and the functionality of third-party plugins. The faster your site loads, the better.

 10. Research the Competition 
If you do not try software like a Buzz Sumo to check out what ‘s your competitor is up to, you’re at a huge disadvantage. Aggregate Services of the social performance of specific sites and content provides it to you with an at a glance view of the topics are resonating for reading and it's important for making rounds on social media. 

Find out what people are reading and talking about, and emulate that kind of content to bring traffic to your website.  

11. Blog Commenting
If you mentioned your link on the comment section on someone's blog then it helps your website by giving a link towards your platform and it's a free way to increase traffic on your website. These things help you out for increasing your blog traffic at free cost. 

12. Google my Business page

Google my Business page is one of the important things for any Business if anyone looking for any product or services around their locality and you're providing that services, but no one knows about your business so it's difficult for the coming customer to your company or shop. Google page also provides traffic toward the link mentioned on it, whether it linked to your site or blog for knowing more about your business. 

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Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope these things help you know more ways of grabbing traffic on your platform.

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