Top Fashion trends for Women's 2020

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Today I am sharing with you some top fashion tips which really helpful for you. These tips are for Women/ Girls. These things are more in trend this year. 

Top Trend for female fashion is:

·      Bow Ties
·      ✅Disco Collar
·      ✅ Hand Bags
·      ✅Hot Pants/ Shorts
·      ✅ Bra top Craze
·      ✅ Crochet Pattern
·      ✅ Glasses
·      ✅ Leather Jackets
·      ✅ Nail Art Design
·      ✅ Hair Style
·      ✅ Lipstick
·      ✅ Eye Lashes
·      ✅ laggings
·      ✅ Tiers

Bow Ties
Bow ties are really too trend, many boys keen to wearing different designs of Bow ties. Bow ties have come in different pattern colors, flowery, dotted design. The cost of these ties is so reasonable as compared to formal ties. It’s available in every store or if you like to find more different patter on Bow ties to buy then check Sty love Motylky Store.

{Motylky Store: The wooden and leather parts are made by CNC laser (I love technology in design) which is very helpful and precise. But that's all about machines. Now I need to dye these leather parts. Combine the color with wood and the fabric. Now choose the right fabric. This is the most important and difficult job. Then cut the shape from fabric, glue it to the leather and saddle-stitch it together with the wooden part. Then my girlfriend sews the bow (the center of bowtie) and it's done! Now it's ready to pack it and send it to a customer! 🙂 There are some photos of the making process... Of course, these photos are taken by myself too. 🙂}

Fashion Illustration Designer: Veronica

Disco Collar
Disco collar is common in seeing during Spring season, I see so many model’s runways is of wearing a jacket which has a big collar along with big buttons. It comes in a coat which really looks fashionable too. Some outfit having the color combination of coats collar which really look so attractive in seeing.

Fashion Illustration Designer: Svetaleyfman

Hand Bags
HandBags are really one of the best fashionable stuff which look good in every season, the Designer bag really looks so amazing and it make women more pretty with carrying stylish Bag.

Fashion Model: Sakshi 
Hot Pants/shorts
It really looks pretty on women; I am sure it’ll still remain one of the best trends for women. Jeans short with the jacket on top look really cool, a t-shirt with tight shorts is too casual during the summer season to see.

Bra top Craze
Crop top or designer Bra with an opened jacket on top and short pants with long shoes or heels look is really fabulous. Bra top with the long skirt and down waist skirt also look cute on an outfit. The designer bra looks casual with trousers or high waist anything like pants or jeans.
 Model: Brittney Leigh

There are lots of different glasses for women and it’s really more trendy and the model wears it. Sunglasses, rounded glass, heart-shaped glass and many more.
Leather jackets
The leather jacket looks more popular on Bike ridder girls and it’s also used in any office and outside too. I see many runways wearing leather the jacket of different design, short waist leather Jackets more popular these days.

Nail Art Design
Long nails are really looking good on girls and those who don’t have long nails they use artificial nails for making hands look more better with nail arts.

Crochet Pattern || Feminine Dresses

These designs are basically handmade that’s why it also called Granny’s Crochet but now these days there are lots of machines available for making these designs easily in less time.

Fashion Model: Khushboo Chauniyal

If your cloth, not even that much good but your Hairstyle look great then you even look pretty with that normal outfit but if your hairstyle not that much good and you’re wearing of branded clothes even you not look that much attractive with that. All fashion stylist must focus on hairstyle and glamour too of every model.

There are lots of different colors Lipstick are available and if you know very well what color lipstick looks good on your outfit then it’s really amazing for you. I hope you’ll look amazing in rose light lipstick with any color outfit but it’s on to you what color you like for looking more attractive.

 Fashion Model: Aafri Khan

Eye Lashes
Nowadays, it’s common to see girls using eyelashes for looking more attractive. Well, of course, girls looking better by applying eyelashes. Eyes speak many things and beautiful eyes stole heart easily by eye contact.

Fashion Model: Aafri Khan

Lagging is a really too comfortable thing and you can wear anything upon it. Long jackets with lagging inside look perfect for fashion on girls. If you like to wear a short t-shirt on top and legging from down it also a spectacular outfit for women.


Tiers dresses are really so gorgeous creation and many artists wearing it on Red carpet too, Black and white color combination look really nice. Dark color with a light color combination is a really so fabulous one. Fashion stylist also wears these Tiers dresses.

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