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Today I am sharing with you the USA Bike Riders fashion Model, they all are amazing in riding the bike and in fashion. Motosnlettos and Riediculous is the hottest Bike fashion Model and Stunt women's. Both of them Stunning stuntwomen from the USA.

USA Bike Rider Models and Stunt Women's:

I am just taking a quick Interview with them for knowing about their bike and about the skills that they have in riding Bikes. 

USA Bike Rider Motosnlettos

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I’ve recently started trying out stunts on my bike like standing and I look forward to doing more. 
I started my company, Motos N’ Lettos, with the intention of trying to get more women to ride.

RB: So, Motos tell us about what Bike do you ride and their features?
Motos: I ride Harley Davidsons. My bike is a 2019 Softail Street Bob. It has a Vance and Hines 2-1 Upsweep Exhaust and FP3. It has a Memphis Shades fairing and Saddlemen seat. 

RB: You're really so fit what advice would you like to give other girls for being healthier?

Motos: I do intermittent fasting which seems to help a lot. I also recommend staying consistent with getting to the gym. 

RB: Please Share us about yourself and how much experience do you have as bike riders?

Motos: I got my bike in May 2019. Prior to that, I was always riding on the back with other people. One day I decided I was tired of being on the back and went and took the riders course. I haven’t looked back since. 

RB: Do you use some Equipment for safety while riding Motorcycles?

Motos: I always wear my Bell helmet and usually boots. 

RB: What's Fear? Do you think while learning Bikes everyone fears the most?

Motos: I think it’s completely normal to feel fear when learning to ride and all of us do to a certain degree. The scariest part to me was getting used to being on the road around other drivers while still being new to riding.

RB: What inspired you the most to go on a long ride with a Bike?

Motos: I like to go on long rides when I need to clear my head or relax.

USA, California Bike Rider "Riediculous "

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I was born and raised in Japan and now live in Santa Barbara, California and I have 2 children. I started riding about 3 years ago since I met @clintewing who is a professional Freestyle rider. I worked for him as a promo girl for his events and I became more interested in riding a motorcycle. Now I ride Z125, CRF150R and Sportster 883

RB: So, Rie what're special features in your Bike Z125?

Rie: Special features on Z125 would be the custom footpegs, axle sliders, and shaved seat.

RB: You're really perfect to shape what advice would you like to give other girls for being healthier?

Rie: I’m not in shape all the time. But diet is a big part. I ask myself if I SHOULD be eating this and try to pick better and healthier food. But also I treat myself and let myself eat whatever I want to eat probably once a week. Not how much ever tho and think what you wanna look like and work on your body piece by piece.

RB: What equipment do you require for riding Bikes?

Rie: For doing wheelies and stuff, def recommend having easy pull clutch lever and cages to protect your bike. But minimal protection. Because the cage can also hurt you when fall.

RB: You look so fashionable, what can you describe fashion for you?

Rie: Hmm, I’d say it comes naturally. Though I am picky what I like and like not big name brand stuff

RB: Please tell us about your Achievements in Bike Riding?

Rie: Well, I don’t have achievements in riding yet. I’m still a beginner and learning. Though I am proud and appreciate the opportunities to go on a national tour 2 years in a row. Got to meet a lot of fellow riders all over the IS and do the model for the @ssgear 2020 catalog. Received rider supports by many companies such as @1fngr @motoseat @eaglelightsco @bassanixhaust @vosshelmets @warriorjuicecompany

RB: What Safety do you do while riding Motorcycles?

Rie: Wear riding gear! I know in some of my pictures and video, I am not but I always make sure it’s safe to do so and maintenance is a key for safety

RB: What's Fear? Do you think while learning Bikes everyone fears the most?

Rie: Falling I think. But no pain no gain! 

RB: What inspired you the most to go on a long ride with a Bike?

Rie: I didn’t go on a long ride. I went on a tour with a pro rider on an RV and trailer and performed at events like @sturgisbuffalochip @arizonabikeweek @nhra

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