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Avakin Blogger- RB this side, today I am Interviewing Karim Sayed. He has an amazing knowledge of 3D fashion Designing. 
The Fashion Designer Mr. Karim Sayed. He's from Egypt and at just the age of 27 he has more experience in 3D Designing and he also provides a tutorial of 3D designing for aware others more about this profession in Egypt. 

About Karim:
My name is Karim Sayed, I live in Egypt, 27 years old. I work in the field of clothes since my childhood, my mother is a seamstress,   during my school time I like to work with my mom for self-reliance. I graduated from the College of Home Economics, Department of Clothes and Textile with a very good grade 2014 since that time and I have worked as a fashion designer.

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I learned 3D fashion design in the year 2014 and then Started giving classes to many students who are interested in fashion design. And I worked as a 3D design coach in many Egyptian training centers, for 2 years and then I started my own business in 3D Designing.

 RB: So, Karim what software do you use for making any fashion illustration design? Can you please describe any of your design which you made recently?
Karim: So, I can use professionally many programs as clo3d, marvelous designer, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

This model is designed with 3D programs
Firstly, I create Illustration with help of illustration and creates a design pattern on the outfits. After that, by using clo3d I make the coat layer for giving finishing to it. Lastly, by using Photoshop I make some modifications in the model dress according to the needs.
RB: How you describe 3D fashion designing?
Karim: With the 3D design I can see the design more realistically
You can see the design in colors, materials, prints, embroidery, accessories, and angles for photographing the model.
I can also control avatar settings, change its size, and create a fashion show. Other than that, it has the advantages of speed and accuracy  It is really amazing

RB: What should I do to develop into a fashion designer?
Karim: All you have to do is go to the clo3d official website, there are free educational courses for everyone and there are also prepaid sites.

RB: What challenges did you face when you learning 3d fashion designing?
Karim: The challenges are first that there are no learning centers in the Middle East
Secondly, I do not speak 100% English and there are no educational lessons in the Arabic language, so now I am doing educational lessons in Arabic on YouTube
Thirdly, working as a 3D designer in Egypt is very difficult, almost preparing very few people to believe in

RB: Do you think it’s compulsory to do any course for learning fashion designing?
Karim: It is imperative to take any course to learn fashion design because fashion design every hour is new and even every minute
Therefore, it is necessary for the designer to develop himself through educational or online courses
The designer must know all that is new in the world of fashion and fashion lines

RB: How much does any fashion designer earn?
Karim: In fact, this question is very difficult
Because it is from a country that does not have a fashion industry. It might be different if I were in another country
Very few fashions designers in Egypt work in this position with great pay
It is funny if I told you that the salary does not exceed 10,000 Egyptian pounds, which equals $ 700 dollars a month.

RB: How you get ideas for making any fashion Designs?
Karim: I get my ideas to create any fashion designs with inspiration around me. Egypt apostrophe has many sources of inspiration The designer here has a beautiful natural environment and we have a Pharaonic civilization as well as Islamic. Sometimes I follow and work on the international fashion

RB: Who is the most popular fashion illustration designer in Egypt? How he/ she admired you the most?
Karim: She is the first and most junior Egyptian fashion designer to famously compete in London Fashion Week along with Los Angeles Fashion Week, many more.. and Tamraza is the first Egyptian who win global honors from 15 worldwide fashion creators during Paris Fashion Week including "Best Fashion Designer in the year 2017" in New York Fashion Week In the past several years, it has quickly made its mark in the international fashion association.

Tamraza is renowned concerning it's unique and elegant designs that sculpt and enhance the thought of women using charming aspects. Inspired by a wide range of cultures, the creative artist and unique framework of the brand designs luxury designs made from the finest materials and embroidery. That's why I love her so much

RB: What is your job role and how much you satisfy with your work?
Karim: My current job is a technical office manager for Saudi dress design and I have my own job as a 3D design coach
I have a dream, and I want to fulfill it, traveling abroad and working in famous fashion houses such as Dior, Zuhair Murad, and Coco Chanel Yves Saint Laurent, and I am working on self-development for this opportunity

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