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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side, today I am sharing with you about the Indonesia Antz Avakin family. This Antz Indonesian Avakin community has many members. In this blog, I am telling you how to join this family.

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So, let's begin their Interview in Avakin Blogger...

Avakin Antz family is the 3-year-old family which is formed by CranK 효AntZ효

RB: How many members in your family and how your life going with them?
Antz: 99 members and we used line group to communication

RB: What challenges do you face in beginning for creating this Big Indonesian family?
Antz: There are so many challenges we meet started from difficulties in recruiting people and then other personal problem from members

RB: Who's the most talkative member of your family?
Antz: There is so many based on  time sometime Sheril 효AntZ효,  Bapong 효AntZ효, much more

 RB: What changes you like to make in Avakin life if you get a chance of LKWD officials?
Antz: So many things that I will do start from controlling, I won't change become analog not cursor anymore  and the personal room with huge capacity so we as fams can easy to do some meeting or play together

Rules for Joining Antz Family - Avakin Indonesia Family:
✅Antz fams are concentrating on their own player identity in real not just in the Avakin account .so before we inviting new members, we really do some interview and then we do video calls to make sure their real identity.
✅ For all member must rename use "효AntZ효" 
✅ All members must stay in line messenger groups.

RB: Which member is the most closed to your heart and why?
Antz: Rachma 효AntZ효 first because she is my real my GF and always takes care of help me managing fams.

RB: What you guys do for fun?
Antz: - We usually play together with Antz members and make room XL full by Antz crowded.
✅- making some video and photos
✅- Following every event in other fams
✅- Meet and greet with other fams

RB: Can you tell us something about any Indonesian Festival in which you guys enjoyed a lot?
Antz: Indonesian independence day in every 17 august there is a very fun festival on that day there is so many unique competition .such as areca nut climbing, sack race, eating cracker competition and much more. and so many street carnivals, food carnival too in that day so much fun

Thanks for reaching here, I hope you found this Indonesian Avakin family Interesting. Join them if you like. Contact them directly for talking with their leader. For a feature like this contact @Avakin_Bloggers. 

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  1. wow that fams.is awesome

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    1. Just reach to their IG which is mentioned about and directly contacting them for meeting or joining.