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Avakin Blogger - RB this side, today I am sharing with you Avakin Leona 24K love story, she's one of the sweetest girls of Avakin 24K family.

"Leona and Dope" are the Avakin couples, they love each other so much furthermore they ready for doing marriage in real life too. In this Avakin Blogger - the top couple magazine presented Avakin Richest Couples' love story here for you. 

Check their IG: @Ava_leona24K ,@Dope.ava

Leona meets Dopein the last week of December 2019 during Limited venue concert, they weren’t thought this friendship will turn into love by spending time together. They knew each other as friends for 2 months and in the month of March Dope proposed her and she said yes to him for being his women. Leona said, he’s my first and last BF and for Dope she will be the last girlfriend. Dope was BadBoy in Avakin's life but after coming in Relationship with Leona make him change a lot.

Where you both guys are from?
I am from the UK and Dope from Germany. Avakin life virtual game provides us a way to communicate 

Who's more Romantic among you guys? How!
I think am more romantic (Leona)
I make 15 seconds video about us every day and send to him before he wakes up. I wanna make him smile and make me happy.

What you do for making your partner happy?
He did not express a lot but I know he cares about me I can feel it. He changes a lot for me. He used to be the guy who gets lots of female friends. But he changes for me. That makes me happy. It's not easy for us to be together because there are so many challenges we are facing. But we survived and we really enjoy being with each other now.

Lastly, what recommendation would you like to give Avakin life to making their Community better for couples!
I wish the Avakin life community will bring some more attraction pose and some more interaction of showing love along with some more animation set of walking with the couple by holding a hand to hand. Isn’t it wonderful!
Yes, of course, it’s #RB

Leona: I love the way we look together, as sweet as sugar and as Nice as Ice. 

RB: I hope you guys get married soon in real life too. Leona is one of the cutest members of the 24k family. She loves spending their precious time with Dope and day by day their relationship going the strongest one together. Relationship build by trust between the couples and understanding companion needs along with guiding each other for their mistake. Along with they are ready for marriage in the future too. Avakin Life game is the platform where many relationships begin by interacting daily in this romantic virtual world.

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