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Avakin Blogger this side, today I'm sharing with you "About Avakin life celebrities" these celebrities are amazing in fashion and I appreciate seeing their work. I interviewed them in my Blog where you can know more about them. 

Avakin Fashion Models Interview taken by RB (Avakin Blogger), if you like to know about them then check their Interview. 

RB: Fashion for me is to express myself and things which make me feel comfortable after wearing it. Actually, I don't like to wear tier dresses and loose dresses just because it does not make me feel good. I like to make my Avatar the same as I am in real, I usually wear narrow bottom pants and T-shirts along with jackets. I like to use social media and sharing stuff with my love ones. I am an open-minded guy, I don't feel angry about small things. 

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Avakin Pride fashion

Pride fashion is really so nice and he loves her wifey too much and he's a nice guy too. Check his interview where she shared some tips about fashion.  

Avakin Lea Alena Fashion
Alena lives in India and she's good in fashion. She has a good knowledge of fashion if you like to check her Interview.

Avakin Axel Ozzothy fashion
Axel Ozzothy wearing an amazing male outfit in Avakin life and he has a really so amazing collection of fashion outfit which he shared with us.

Avakin Lightning fashion
Lightning lives in United kingdom, she is really so nice in talking with others. Her fashion is really pretty and I love the maleficent design of her. 

Avakin Fashion Designer Diahmoon
Diah lives in Indonesia and she's really too good in fashion. Avakin life takes so many designs of her in the new update and everyone loves her design and she's making design always.

Avakin Queen Morissette fashion

Morissette lives in Pangasinan and her edits are really so amazing. If you like to check her out then check her Interview which I already uploaded.

Avakin Wicked Star fashion

Wicked star makes creative fashion edits of Avakin life and she's Avakin life Miss world too because of her good knowledge about fashion. 

Avakin Steph Harmony
Stephany Harmony making amazing edits of Avakin outfit and you can check that on her Instagram and in her fashion. She loves to wear dresses which make her different from others.  

Avakin Katie fashion
Katie enjoying making cosplay edits and her edits are really so amazing. She's an expert in it. According to her Japan country has a favorite fashion style 

Avakin Biia Ozzothy fashion
Biia Ozzothy is good at making some cute outfit and her outfit style is really so cool. I love to see her profile. Check out her Interview too where she shared knowledge about fashion. 

Avakin Rubby Collins fashion

Avakin Rubby collins is an expert in editing faces in any of the sexiest real models and she speaks Portuguese so fluently.  

Avakin Saphie fashion

Saphie lives in Singapore and she's really making amazing edits and she having good knowledge about fashion and new trends. 

Avakin Efflorescent fashion

Tamara steel fashionable edits are really spectacular and she well knows what edits are in the trend. Her Inspiration coming by reading diary by chuck phulinuk.

Avakin Dantastic fashion

Dantastic fashion edits are really amazing and he loves making edits. He has a really good list of followers. His fashion Inspiration comes by reading fashion Blogs and through Instagram but he wants to give credit to his wifey for it. 

Avakin Acie fashion

Acie lives in the Philippines, her edits and design are really so pretty. She loves making edits. According to Acie, fashion reflects her personality. 

Avakin Hannah fashion 
Hannah making pretty fashion looks which really look so cute and amazing. Her inspiration comes by seeing other edits on Instagram and on Pinterest, she loves flowery and plaid looks. 

Avakin Melaniemoon fashion
Melanie moon having really good knowledge about Avakin fashion and she really loves vlogging and shares her ideas and knowledge always to others.

Avakin Ella Moon fashion

Ella loves in the Philippines, she loves Korean fashion and likes to wear clothes like that. She loves fashion designing since childhood when she plays with dolls.

Avakin Moonlight fashion
Moonlight designs are spectacular, she's really too good in it. By seeing other fashion on Instagram and by reading magazines inspired her a lot in fashion.

Avakin Angela fashion
Angela edits are really cute, her inspiration coming by seeing other models work and by reading magazines. She loves taking photographs. 

Avakin Cat Victoria 

Cat Victoria lives in Spain and she lives diamonds in custom jewelry. Actress and Artist drawings inspired her a lot to make creative edits. 

Avakin life Ruby from Bisdak family
Ruby lives in the Philippines and fashion for her is like expression and empowerment which inspires ourselves and others by seeing it. 

 Avakin Kauten fashion
Kauten loves meeting others and loves taking pics and edits. She loves making clothes since childhood, basically, she loves wearing casual clothes. 

Avakin Divinely and Royalty
Div and Royal couple in Avakin life and they are the leader of 24k family which is the Richest family in Avakin life. Both of them are good at fashion. 

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Thanks for clicking, I hope these celebrities inspired you a lot, check out them by clicking on their name for reading more about them. 

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