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Avakin Blogger- RB this side, today I am sharing with you about "Erin Felis" Popular fashion Illustrator from Ukraine. 

Erin is just 25 young and she has a big dream to become a famous International Illustrator. Erin creating illustrations since childhood and during schooling, her teacher inspired her a lot for learning more design because Erin has magic on her hands as you can see her illustrations.

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Since childhood, Erin loves dolls and always making a spectacular illustration of dolls along with her inspiration coming by surfing on google and seeing many other designers and illustrators for getting ideas. Erin's family and her boyfriend support her always about her work. Most Important things which Erin can't live without making Illustration, playing with her fluffy cat and folks closed to her heart.


Everyone fan of Erin but she's a fan of Idochev illustration because of the way @Ldochev draw touched her heart and inspired her for making better illustrations then him.

So, let's begin Erin Interview in Avakin Blogger...

RB: What’s the best choice you’ve ever made?
Erin: Any of the choices we have ever made is the best. The best possible.  Any situation is necessary and important, even the smallest detail.  Even if later it seems to us that it was necessary to make a different choice, this is all garbage.  At that moment in life, we made the best choice, and it could not be otherwise.

RB: What would make the world more attractive if it was another color?
Erin: If people’s houses were more colorful, and even cars.  For me, the mystery is why all the houses around are gray, pale. I do not like bright colors in clothes, but if our houses were colored, this saved the world from depression.

RB: What movie did you watch repeatedly and why you like it more?
 Erin: "Three meters above the sky", "Fall in love with me if you dare", "Great Gatsby" and many others. I love movies about crazy love. When breathtaking... I also love comedies and never watch horror movies.  My nervous system is very vulnerable.

RB: What do you love about yourself?
 Erin: I do not like anything.  But I'm working on it.  I know that you need to love yourself.  I think too much about my shortcomings.

RB: What do you think people automatically assume about you when they look at you? What response did you get more often from your clients?
Erin: I have no idea.  I really hope they just do not think about me.  Regarding my work, I always get only positive comments.  But basically, these are always words of gratitude and delight.  Fortunately, my customers are very wonderful and everyone loves my work.  I am very grateful to them for the kind words and reviews.  They charge me with positive energy and motivation.  Thanks to everyone who remains partial to my work.

RB: What you consider yourself a giver or taker?
Erin: I consider myself both. I am inspired by beautiful people and at the same time come up with something new, draw them in my own way

RB: What judgment totally changed your career for better or for worse?
Erin: There was no single opinion. But what keeps me getting better all the time is the opinion of my loved one.  He always told me that I draw cool, even when my drawings were terrible.  A positive opinion motivates me more than a negative one.  But I also always listen to comments.

RB: If you could commit your life to solve one difficulty, what challenge would you choose?
Erin: I would not want any difficulties.  In life, everything should be easy.  We just complicate it ourselves.

RB: What do you do for Increasing your knowledge more about fashion?
Erin: I watch designers, bloggers, and celebrities, but only those whose style is close to me.

RB: What is your very first memory for starting making an illustration? what you prescribe beginner who learning illustration?
Erin: The first time I started drawing at a very young age.  I don’t even remember when it was.  My brother painted beautifully and I wanted to learn the same way.  I watched his school albums with drawings and wanted to learn the same way.  At school, I drew the best in class and most of all I liked to draw girls, their faces, hair, clothes.
 I would advise novice illustrators one thing - to work a lot.  otherwise, it will fail.  nothing can be achieved in gender power.  need to give all the best.  and listen even more to yourself and less often listen to others.

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