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Avakin Blogger - RB this side, today I am sharing with you Avakin the Philippines couple love story. Avery and Kengustavo, are loving each other so much and interested in doing marriage in real life too. In this Avakin Blogger - the top couple magazine presented their love story here for you. 

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Avery and Kengustavo has come into the relationship on January 23,2020. Both from The Philippines. Just an hour away drive from each other...

Who's more Romantic among you guys? How!
It's Ken, he excerpts a lot of effort into our relationship more than I do, he understands me in every way possible does apartment decorations just to surprise me, and he also sends me those random long sweet messages at night to make sure I wake up with a smile in the morning. -Avery

What you do for making your partner happy?
I honestly don't know how to answer this, cause just being with her makes me happy. The way she makes time for me, the way she makes sure everything's alright, and the way she cares for me. Just. Her existence already makes me happiest. -Ken

As you guys are living just near to the same place so you guys knowing each other before joining Avakin?
Ken proposed to me after two weeks of dating.  He's just too scared to lose me, lol just kidding. We were at Club Sundown at that time, hanging out with random people and some friends. I was ordering from someone by the bar when he told me to come closer to him and his brother Marquis (they were by the pool) cause they’re about to shoot for a music video and he wants me in it. As I moved closer to him, he kneeled down on one knee, thank me for loving his goofy ahh, and popped the question.
And no, we don't. We literally just met on Avakin Life through our mutual friends.

Nothing brings me happier than the smile of your face makes that, your smile is the reason to make me feel joy even I am in a bad feeling.

Lastly, do you like to give any suggestions to Avakin life for making their Community Develop for couples!
Communicate. Communication is what keeps the relationship intact. If you have a problem of any sort, talk it out. Learn to trust your partner as well. Trusting people is really hard, especially when you’re dating. But if you love them, then you should trust them not to betray you in any way.

Both of them are loving so much to each other and love meeting each other, just an hour distance between their place but they sometimes like to hang out together. Although, the Avakin life community makes their relationship stronger day by day...RB

God Bless you, I hope you guys get married soon in real life too. Avery and Kengustavo is a real-life couple too and looking for marriage in the future too. Avakin Life game making their relationship stronger by playing together on Avakin life then come in a relationship while playing Avakin together and knowing each other better through it.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this story, follow us on IG Avakin_Bloggers for coming in a future post.  God bless you couples once again.

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