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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side, today I am Interviewing Fashion Model "Sakshi Slaying". She's a Braielly fashion model winner and knows more about fashionable products too along with she knows makeup work too. She works as a freelancer too if you Interested in hiring her then check her Instagram for contacting her. 

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Stick to it for knowing more about her ideas, so let's begin an Interview with Sakshi Slaying. 

RB: What quality do you like most about yourself and why? 
Sakshi: I'm an optimistic and strong person. I believe it's my best quality coz it helps me to overcome every situation.

RB: What is the most consequential difficulty for young people today?  
Sakshi: In my opinion, the biggest challenge to young people today is that they don't know what talent they possess. They get so much affected by social media that they hide their true personality. Resulting in unemployment, illiteracy, and poverty on a wider scale.

RB: Do you examine yourself to be a giver or a taker? Why?   
Sakshi: I think I'm both, a giver and a taker. The effort give my time and effort to people who need me. But I also take a lot of time and effort from my loved ones.

RB: When you started Modeling? why!  
Sakshi: I never considered myself a model until I participated in Miss Fresher (in my college) and won the title. After that, I knew what I want to be and I never looked back.

RB: Tell something about yourself and about your profession? 
Sakshi: I believe I was born to be a model. I realized it a little late but it's my passion now. I'm very confident in the work I do and I believe that I'm a pretty good ( ramp walk and a poser)..and I never feel shy in front of cameras.

 RB: What quality you see in yourself to be a model?
Sakshi: Well, I am good at complexion and fully motivated toward my goals.  The main thing that I see in myself is Positive attitude towards others.

RB: Who admired you the most about fashion and why? 
Sakshi: My best friend Simran Singh. she always admired my figure n my walk and encouraged me to try modeling ❤

RB: Which foundation do you use and want to recommend someone? 
Sakshi: I use mac foundation

RB: How do old get rid of wrinkles?    
Sakshi: Skincare routine is wholly dependable on taking proper diet, eating less oily and spicy food, doing proper workout and drinking at least 4-5 liters of water per day. This routine results in healthy skin and body in the long term.


Thanks for visiting here, If anyone interested in hiring her for Photoshoot or for fashion promotion then DM her on Instagram. 

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