The Bros and Bellas Family Interview

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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today I am sharing with you "About Bros and Bellas (൫rösഏëllas) Avakin life family". This family is formed by Acie and this family is from the Philippines but they accept international members too for joining with them.

Acie is good at making fashion editing too in Avakin life. She makes all the edits for posting on their Rosebellas Facebook page.

Facebook Page: ൫rösഏëllas Avakin life

So let's being Brosbellas family Interview taken by Avakin Blogger - RB,

RB: When you formed the Rosebellas family?
👑      ൫rösഏëllas•FAMILY will be celebrating its 1 year and 1 month this coming December 9,2019. This family|group founded by ACIE on November 9, 2018. - Acie RB: How many members in your family and How's your people's life running in the Avakin?👑As of December 3, 2019, ൫rösഏëllas already have 15 ൫ëllas(Girls) and 12 ൫rös(Boys) Total of 27 members and still continue to grow. We have each other's back despite every storm that hit us and in everyone's darkest hours. We are one family. - Acie RB: What you guys do for joy?👑We threw some events exclusively for our family. We gather in one spot. Our bond and banters follow. We are making memories. - Acie RB: Who's the chattiest member of your Avakin Family?👑For us, it was Jhay. because aside from that he is also one of the active members and He is too consistent - Xavie, Travis, James RB: How you people looking to celebrate Christmas?👑We will be having a Christmas party in an Avakin or a Christmas ball. But One thing I can sure is that we will be having an event on the following days as we celebrate Christmas together in Avakin. - Acie

Enjoying after get together and watching Netflix and doing meetings sometimes. 

We Enjoyed so much this year with our Avakin life Family and we keep enjoying like that every year. 
CLICK - Avakin Acie Fashion Interview
RB: How's your Avakin life going?"👑 Well, through the aid of my family, my friends and of all the warm people that are always caring and nice. I can say that it's going very well. Of course, there are times that boredom and inability to log in online cannot be avoided because of real-life businesses but still I find time to talk and accompany them.

I had a great time with Bros and Bellas in the sweet and fun talks. There are also a lot of activities that I'm having fun with like editing Avakin pictures, making dance covers and meeting new friends. I also have learned a lot of things. Being patient, being optimistic and how to enjoy life even if it is just a game. My life in Avakin is very colorful. - Shiro RB: what Changes that you see in Avakin from the beginning?👑Avakin life changed a lot since the first time I was introduced to this game. There are many new exciting features and cool stuff like the recently implemented game which allows us to catch turkeys, interact with other players and compete with each other. The new animation sets also caught us even though some of them are a bit weird and funny but cute.

Of course, the new release of shop items is quite good because without it Avakin's life would be more boring. But some of the male Avakin users find the clothes unfair with regards to design, the number of releases compares to female Avakin users. And the new maps also was worth waiting as it makes people gather and enjoy a wider range of virtual gaming. - Shiro RB: If you're LKWD what changes do you want to make in Avakin life?👑If I'm LKWD, I would make events specialized for editors and fashion designers like contests for creating an outfit for a specific theme and it will then featured in the shop under a new brand made for such talented artists. Some of the players sometimes complain about the new item releases especially for the male Avakin in terms of hair, the suits and more, therefore, I would make a platform for gathering opinions to Avakin players regarding the designs. This will also help boost the interactiveness of the game. I will make the item updates fair for both male and female Avakin users. - Shiro

•••⊰•⊱⊰•⊱•൫rösഏëllas•⊰•⊱⊰•⊱•••• "൫rösഏëllas" a poem composed by ൫ëllas•HOPIE൫rösഏëllas family with a bond no matter how far they're always there to respond everyone is like a diamond that goes beyond bond full of happiness that will live you breathless the deeper the sweetness; through the closeness memories become countless that makes them dauntless family with love arises like dove ൫rösഏëllas coming to town like a diamond glowing with no ending. •••⊰•⊱⊰•⊱•൫rösഏëllas•⊰•⊱⊰•⊱••••

How to join Bros and Bellas (A quick guide)

1. Chat this page or any pioneer and ask for a copy of the official application form
2. Fill up the form, pass it to any admin, and wait for your scheduled video interview. (Only voice call is necessary for those avakin players who don't post any real pictures in their ava Facebook)
3. Wait for the results. Once you passed both steps, a pioneer would inform you that you are an official member of the family! WELCOME ABOARD! ❣️

In Bros and Bellas, no one must be left behind. We will do our best to make you feel like you are in a real family. We are excited to have you!

May the closeness of friends, the comfort of home, and the unity of our family, renew our spirits this festive season. Merry Christmas to ൫rösഏëllas family. 'Tis the season to wish one another joy and love and peace. These are my wishes for you, Merry Christmas our dear friends, may you feel the love this Christmas season. 

To all Avakin Players out there. We wish you and Merry Christmas!!! greetings from ൫rösഏëllas•FAMILY.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to everyone from our family. May your wishes completed. 

The Bros and Bellas Family Members
Mr. Aomine

Mr. Clark and Ms. Acie

Ms. Yash 

Ms. Yena

Mr. Komich and Ms. Cherrylady

Mr. Abbeh and Mrs. Ommeh

Ms. Shai

Mr. Shiro

Ms. Selene

Mr. Jhay and Ms. Samantha 

Ms. Venus

Mr. Heero Yuy and Mrs. LilyRose Yuy

Ms. Aramis

Mr. Rei Tyrone and Ms. Gly Tyrone

Mr. Gyz Tyrone 

Mr. Kleo and Ms. Hope 

Ms. Sundae

Mr. Travis and Mrs. Xavie

Mr. Evan and Ms. Arcane

Mr. James and Ms. Colline


Thanks for attending here, I hope you know more about this avakin Philippians Avakin life family. If you want to join this family then contact them.

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