The Ikonics family Interview in Avakin life

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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Are you looking for joining in the family of Ikons who admired to wear Ikonic outfit often? Would you like to join an Iconic family?  Well in this Blog I am sharing with you How can you join this family in the Avakin Life game. Actually, this family looking for people who same as them although there are some other rules which I mentioned in this Interview.

In this Ikonic family most Invite members who know old members of this family and the old member takes their responsibility.  

So, let’s know more about the Ikonics family from their leaders...

FB Page: Ikonics family in Avakin life

RB: When you created the Ikonics family?
IF: 👉IKONICS FAMILY is 3 months old. The squad was created August 25, 2019

RB: How many members in your family and How's you guys life going in the Avakin?
IF:👉We have a total of 26 active and bubbly members of IKONICS. I guess it's safe to say that each member is doing good financial and communication aspects.

RB: What your group does for fun in the Avakin life?
IF: 👉We has this thing called IKONIC BALL which happens Saturday? We wear something based on different themes, we also have some games and prizes prepared for the winners. IKONIC BALL is our way of catching up and bond as a team. 

RB: Who's the most talkative member in your Family?
IF: 👉The most talkative member will be Suzanne.

RB: What changes do you want to make in Avakin?
IF: 👉IKONICS spreads positivity and fun, we want to make the Avakin community less toxic as possible. We believe that Avakin is a platform to enjoy not something that causes stress to someone.

RB: How's your Avakin life progressing?
IF: 👉My Avakin life so far is great, the good thing about Avakin which I like is whenever you need someone to talk to you just need to join a server and they'll be available.

RB: What transfers that you see in Avakin from the beginning till now?
IF: 👉There are a lot of changes actually, more teens are joining Avakin, new items are being released almost twice a week, wings are released every week which makes it not rare anymore, they are slowly removing ways to earn Avacoins. I won't be surprised if one day all the in-store products will cost real money. All of these changes favor the developers, not the players.

👉 Rules for Joining:
Candidate must be an acquaintance and must undergo an interview before joining IKONICS.
Must also be willing to change the name, and must wear the Nautical Star tattoo which is our official symbol. Contact our page @ikonicsavakin if anyone willing to join us. 

Thanks for visiting here, if you have Avakin family with some name then comment down your Avakin Instagram name to reach to you. If you like to join the Ikonics family the link of the page is mentioned above check them out. 

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