The Ozzothy family Interview in Avakin life

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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today I am sharing with you the Avakin Brazil family Interview. This family is one of the Richest Brazilian family. "The Ozzothy Family is the family of editors". If you're looking for any Brazil Avakin family then I recommend you check this family for joining.

In this Blog, you will get how to join the Ozzothy family in Avakin life. 

Follow Ozzothy family on Instagram: Ozzothy.officialFollow Leader: Nicole_ozzothy 

RB: How old your family is?
OF: Well, my family is three and a half years old. Where the founder is my husband, Dan Ozzothy. I have 5 months in the family as a matriarch. Our family is Brazilian.

RB: How many members in your family and How's you guys life going in the Avakin?

OF: Well, I'm the wife of Nicole Ozzothy Dan, founder of the Ozzothy family, and together we are always taking care of our family. You who join our family will have to follow the rules. - Do not disrespect yourself (any kind of disagreement we seek) - We do not accept family relationships - Rename Nick as soon as possible (source of Patriarch Dan's symbols) and if necessary we will help each other in the cafe. - If you have children who use our surname, please let us know. - We do not accept disrespect from other families. The Ozzothy family has no allies. - Rename Instagram as long as it's not a person but a game. 
@ozzothy.official / follow. "After you go out and get kicked out, there's no going back." - Do not pass information from our family to unknown persons. - Honor the surname for anything.

Dan Ozzothy And Nicole Ozzothy 

Conducts 1st: RESPECT MEMBERS All members are required to respect each other regardless of their level or time in the family. Thus, it is forbidden to curse or offend any member. It's okay to play with other members, it helps the family to be more united, after all, we are a family. If someone is offended, please inform an administrator of the incident, proving it through a Print Screen.

2nd - STAY ACTIVE Inactive members will not be admitted. We don't want quantity, we want quality. Therefore, all members must attend the Instagram family page to participate in the WhatsApp group, the WhatsApp group should maintain a minimum of dialogue with other members,  later if inactivity persists, will be removed from family Note: If the member needs to be inactive for a long time, please notify an administrator.

3rd - COOPERATION All members are required to help each other. One of the goals of the family is that all members have the maximum level of the game, so help each other lower levels.

4th - LOYALTY Members who disclose our information to other family groups will not be accepted. Being such an occurrence subject to punishment.

Note: We do not accept members who make cash and gift loans.

RB: What you guys do for fun?
OF:  I am a mother of forty-three children, Our family is always united in the game. We always look for this alongside members and creating events. our purpose and make friends. An agent gathered every Sunday the meeting of the fashion star. 

RB: Who's the most talkative member in your Family?

OF: Axel Ozzothy 

RB: If you're LKWD what changes you made in Avakin life?

OF: I would put the apartment to accommodate more people. Apartment XL. would make promotional offers with rare items once a month. Would launch a platform for the adult audience.

RB: Who's closest to you in your Family? 

OF:  Bibi Esmerald and Will Esmerald and Santiago Blackwell
Bia Ozzothy my daughter, she's been in the family for a long time.


Ozzothy shape WARNING Completely fills the entire form with true data, otherwise, this will be disregarded. 
💸1-Please, send us a real photo and audio saying why you want to be part of our family. 
💸2-Do you participate or have participated in any Family? 
💸3-If the answer is "yes", we enter the family name and the real reason why she left. 
💸4-Have you ever had a banned account? 
💸5- If yes, give the reason. 
💸6-Do you have friends in our family? (name ALL) 
💸7-Do you have any kind of prejudice (racism, social class prejudice, religious prejudice, homophobia)? 
💸8-Does anyone else have access to your account? 
💸9-Do you have any relationship in the game? If so, how many. 
💸10-How did you find out about our family and why do you want and deserve to be a member?

Some Famous member of Ozzothy Family 

Bia Ozzothy
Mell Ozzothy
Luiza Ozzothy
Milla Ozzothy 
Bia Ozzothy fashion Interview

Bruno Ozzothy
Princ Ozzothy
Axel Ozzothy
Lyon Ozzothy
Mash Ozzothy
Alle Ozzothy
Wall Ozzothy
Clara Ozzothy
Lalisa Ozzothy
Anna Ozzothy
Flor Ozzothy
Luisa Ozzothy
Sol Ozzothy

RB: How you and your family going to celebrate Christmas?

OF: Let's celebrate in style. We have reserved a party space for family and friends. with a lot of food and jokes. We will exchange gifts. My husband will be Santa Claus
Merry Christmas and Happy new year from Ozzothy Family 

 Thanks for visiting here, If you like to join this Ozzothy family then check their Instagram for contact them which is mentioned above. If you know any family or have any family then comment down your Instagram username. I will try to reach you as soon as possible. 

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