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Avakin Blogger- RB this side, in this Blog, I am sharing with you "Nicole and Dan Ozzothy Avakin Couples Magazine". Both are such a nice couple and loving each other so a month, they're Brazilian and living in the same place.

Check out Nicole and Dan on IG: @nicole_bless.ozzothy and @ _dan_0zzothy.bless

Dan and Nicole are real-life couples too and they're from Brazilian and live in Sao Paulo. They're a lovely couple, Dan always does something romantic for making Nicole happy.

 When you guys come into the relationship?
We come in the relationship on June 22, 2019, after spending time together of a 1-month friendship. He's a charming man.

 Who's more Romantic among you guys?
Dan Ozzothy is always more romantic. Almost every day he decorates the apartment amazingly and declares love. We already met in real life too for dates. Dan’s talk always touches my heart

 What you do for making your partner happy?
I always dedicate my time to him… We always together whenever he’s on along with I respect him a lot and caring for him.
RB: Nicole also taking care of their family which is the biggest Avakin Brazilian family. Apart from it, she’s at editing.

I can say, I love the way you're a million times including every time I express how much love I have in my heart for you.

Lastly, do you like to give any suggestions for a happy relationship!
The important thing that I think for a happy relationship is for solving problems whatever arise between couples. Pride is poison for creating a problem in the relationship. Every Couple has to use their own intelligence to know how to deal with anger, be jealous of recognizing insecurities. Marrying doesn’t mean you do it to get something, just thinking about yourself isn’t good. For Example, think he will like you, do what makes him happy and by spreading happiness you will surely feel happy. 

Dan Ozzothy is amazing at editing the home; he loves Nicole a lot and by decorating the apartment he shows his love with Nicole.

God Bless you, guys, hope you guy get married soon in real life too. Dan and Nicole Ozzothy is real-life couples too and looking for marriage in real too. They’re the leader of Ozzothy family “Biggest Brazilian Editors family”. Avakin Life games making their relationship stronger by playing together and it helps them know each other better through Avakin.

If you looking to join with this Avakin Ozzothy family then join with them, check out their rules and regulation for joining, this is the Biggest Brasil family. Most of the Ozzothy member is good at editing Avakin pictures. 

Glad to see you here, I hope you like this magazine if you guys looking for joining this Avakin Couples love story like this then join us on IG: Avakin_bloggers. 

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