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Avakin Blogger - RB this side.. today I am gonna share with you love story of Rachma and Crank Indonesian couples. They are in a relationship for a year and they come in a relationship after playing Avakin life game together. 

So, let's begin knowing them more through this Avakin Blogger Magazine...

Rachma and Catatanto (Crank) come in the relationship at 05 PM, Thursday 04th April 2019 {Rachma said), both of them love each other so much. Around 7 Year gaps between them but they loving each other so much.

Who's more Romantic among you guys? How!
So confused about this question but sometimes I feel I’m more romantic than her both of us are rarely doing some romantic moment such as cuddling and decorating the apartment for making her happy, whenever we meet at ava room we never talk seriously always not far from joke and prank but we never fight for a long time, we always solve all misunderstanding whenever it arises between us. (Crank Said)
Crank, Because, whatever when with him, it's the most romantic for me (Rachma Said)

What you do for making your partner happy?
So many things that make her happy such as cracking some jokes, send my ugly face, sing a song, and tell some story she really likes those. (Crank Said. Notify the time whenever and wherever, and always accompany when any situation because he is my priority (Rachma Said)

Where you both guys are from!
We both are Indonesian but live in different cities. I live in Palembang city (Crank) and she lives in Cianjur city (Rachma).

Lastly, do you like to give any suggestions to Avakin life for making their Community Develop for couples!
I think they need to develop some features for doing marriage in a proper way. Actually, in ava we already can be married but that just only our fantasy, that not really effect game stats for couples. So, I hope they create really marriage features that can use on the profile of ava our couple appears. and then I hope they will make it in new features such as a couple of rooms, pregnant, the couple walk animation such as we can hold our partner while walk, holding hand, many more. (Crank Said)
So far it has increased for couples as there are paired poses but for the future, it must be further enhanced such as the existence of an animated road, etc. (Rachma)

I want to inform you with my last breath that I have forever admired you the most in life. I would somewhat be a spirit, floating around you as a condemned being, then begin heaven without you. Because of your affection, I will never be alone spirit.

God Bless you, guys, hope you guy get married soon in real life too. Crank and Rachma Antz are real-life couples too and looking for marriage in real life too. They’re the leader of the Antz Indonesian family. Avakin Life games making their relationship stronger by playing together and it helps them know each other better.

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