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Avakin Blogger- RB this side, today I am sharing with you Avakin Closet of Boys. I created it for Boys for showing my fashion style to them. If you wish to do cosplay Avakin boys outfit like this then try and follow these things which are mentioned during this Blog. Although, the makeup thing which I'm wearing is an amazing one in Avakin life for boys. 

By checking this Avakin Blogger- Top Closet Boys  Magazine you will found the wat to make your own Avatar. together with you will know to appear cute. 

ITEM USING for Fashion:

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🛡️Tattoos that I'm wearing:
👉Mighty Dragon Tattoo
👉 Rising Raven Tattoo
👉Black Peany Tattoo
👉Celestial Spirits Tattoo
👉 Infected Souls Upper & Lower Sleeves tattoo
👉 Scarab of power Tattoo
👉Zentangle Fish tattoo
👉 Unlucky Cat tattoo

Avakin Flawless eyes makeup for boys are really spectacular, it's created by Miakeyla. She's a talented Avakin makeup artist. Try the above-mentioned thing to look like as you seeing in the above page. 

🛡️Avakin fashion Clothes: 
👉Cap: Front Row Asphalt Leather Cap
👉Neck: Foal Montpensier Scarf
👉 Jacket: Foal Victoire Jacket
👉Shorts: SD state Volley swim shorts
👉Slippers: Cosmos Cozy Pig Slippers
🛡️Head Shape: Triangle head shape
🛡️Ears: NORMAL

Triangle head shape: Three-sided faces are pear shape and are closest at the highest forehead region and widest at the jawline chin area. This hairstyle follows that same shape.

Roundhead shape: A round face shape is defined by a wide hairline including completion underneath the cheekbones. This face shape typically means you're a character who is very giving and kind, and constantly puts people first.

Rectangle head shape: The rectangular face shape could be a crossbreed of the egg-shape/long and square-shaped face. It's essentially the long face with angular edges,". Rectangular face shapes feature a square jaw and a face that's larger than it's wide. You'll also likely have an oversized forehead.

Oval head shape: The oval face appearance is somewhat longer than it's wide, with a rounded jaw and curve. ... The jaw and forehead are rounded, and therefore the sides of the face are slightly curved—there are no sharp angles. The oval is viewed as the "ideal" face shape and additionally the foremost common

The ear is the part of the body that allows animals (including people) to listen to. ... These include the outer ear and therefore the three little bones which transmit sounds (the ossicles). A part of the ear that sticks out and maybe seen is termed the pinna. 

Simple Ears: Simple ear is the simplest one in which the majority of people have that. The ear is the part of the body that allows animals (including people) to hear.

Round Ears: When someone has round ears, they have a tendency to be relatively grounded but aren't dedicated to money so to talk. They also don't actually come from wealthy families for the foremost part nor have luck when it comes to gambling or investments.

Slim Ears: Narrow Ears. The speculation of Narrow Ears exists to explain the natural appearance of an ear appendage which is flexible, malleable, or perhaps bending and flimsy. Narrow ears themselves are thin overall and almost delicate. This tends to explain someone who doesn't really have plenty going for them.

Elf Ears: Pointy ears or pointed ears are a delegate of infinite animals, a minimum of one hereditary condition in human as well as a popular cliché in fashionable culture, especially in the fantasy style.

Superdry is a UK branded clothing company. Superdry products link with vintage Americana styling including Japanese inspired graphics. It's listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Classifications: Superdry Men’s SD State Volley swim shorts. These swim shorts are excellent for the seaside and have a double waistband with a flexible drawcord and incorporated Superdry branding, a mesh insert, and an oversized, high-build Superdry logo design that continues onto the rear. The SD State Volley swim shorts also feature two front pockets, one rear zip combined pocket and are finished with a rubber Superdry logo underneath the rear pocket

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