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Avakin Blogger - RB this side, in this blog I am gonna share with you Avakin cute real-life couple love story. Nuaxx Moon and Bryan Moon, are loving each other so much and interested in doing marriage in real life too. In this Avakin Blogger - the top couple magazine presented their love story here for you. 

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 Both of them are so sweet couples, they take pieces of advice from each other for choosing something. I talk with Nuaxx (Nuari) for knowing more about their relationship. They’ve come in a relationship on October 10, 2018.

Let’s know something from Nuaxx about her Relationship!

Who's more Romantic among you guys?
Bryan, because he is the reason why I smile to myself in front of my handphone, he always video calls me when I'm angry at him and many more💝

RB: Nuaxx loving him because Bryan knows the ways to make her happy. Weather Nuaxx living in Indonesia and Bryan live in Malaysia but their long-distance relationship going pretty well.

What you do for making your partner happy?
I only replied to his message he was happy😂 _Nuax

RB: That’s the simplest way of falling him down in love😁.  Bryan told that he loves her so much and both of them are ready for doing marriage in real too if everything will be good. Good luck to them for their good future.

When it all started, where you guys meet first?
He first, at that time he found me on the timeline of a social media account called LINE he liked to see my smile in a photo then we greeted each other on LINE not long afterward it turns out he also played Avakin and on his birthday he revealed his heart to me 🥰. And I said Yes, after that we come in the relationship on the 10th of October 2018. We love spending time with each other. 

The Suggestion Nuaxx likes to give Avakin Community to bring some more Couples The interaction of living life.

God Bless you guys, hope you guy get married soon in real life too. Bryan and Nuaxx are real-life Couples too and looking for marriage in the future too. Avakin Life game making their relationship stronger too as they meet through line (Social Media) and later on, Avakin life then comes in the relationship while playing Avakin together and know each other better through it.

I hope you guys appreciated reading this story, follow us on IG Avakin_Bloggers for becoming in a future post.  God bless you couples once again.

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