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Avakin Blogger this side, today I am Interviewing Brown family, this Avakin life family from Brazil. In this interview, you will know to Join Brazil's family and Rules for joining them. 

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So, let's begin Interview of Brazilian Brown family

RB: So, firstly I would like to know how old your Avakin Brown Family?
BF: We are a 2-year-old Brazilian family, founded in August 2018.

RB: That's nice, How many members in your group furthermore, How are you guys life going in Avakin?
BF: 21 members. All well present and true to our surname. We love playing Avakin together and there are lots of new features that really make us playing Avakin together.

RB: What you fellows do for fun?
BF: For fun, we meet with other families on Avakin, and we always communicate through other social networks, such as Whatsapp. Apart from it, we love taking the picture together in Avakin life. 

RB: Who's the most chatty member in your Group?
BF: Brown Family: @feh_brown_ is the most talkative member of our family.

RB: If you're LKWD what modifications you made in Avakin life?
BF: I would change the apartments first, leaving all XL. Lower prices, more jobs, and more machine-building items. More contests, and interactions.

RB: Rules for Joining Brown's family?
BF: Whoever becomes our friend enters our family and creates an affection for everyone. So we ask the person who wants to be a Brown to try to befriend the members. If things evolve, it will be a pleasure to have you with us.

RB: What changes do you see in Avakin Life as Compared to the time when you started playing Avakin life?
BF: I have seen and see a lot of changes since I started with this gamer. Avakin life evolves every day with its updates, and also, people today who play, take gamer more seriously.
Avakin Brown Family Members 

Leader @Sra_brown_

Leader @Sr_brown_


















Glad to hear it, Thanks for coming with us for sharing things about your family. If anyone interested in joining with Brown's family then directly contacted them on Instagram.

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