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Avakin Blogger - RB this side, Today I am Interviewing Wicked star - Caras Avakin Model, She's really good in fashion and she is Miss world in Avakin 2019 in Avakin life.  

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So, let's begin her Interview in Avakin Blogger...

RB: So, what thing makes you different from others?

Wick: Being the person that I am, I can't say that I'm specifically different from others but I believe that I'm a good communicator, and have a good understanding of people. So that helps me a lot as Miss World, as people look up to you as a role model and I take this job very seriously, but at the same time...I love it. 

RB: What is the biggest challenge do you face to being a model?

Wick: I think it's important to stick to your own style and what you think suits you. It can be a challenge especially when you work for agencies and they want you to dress a certain way. I also think making a name for yourself can be a challenge, as it's easy to get lost in the crowd. But if you work hard and have ambition, you can achieve great things.

RB: Do you consider yourself to be a giver or a taker? Why?
Wick: Most definitely a giver. I can't give any examples as such, but I know that is just my personality and I like to please and help people. I don't consider myself to be a selfish person, at least I hope not!

RB: When you started Modeling? why!

Wick: It was April 2018 when I started in Avakin pageants when I competed in Miss USA. I joined Avakin Vogue soon after this. And the reason was, I discovered a passion for it which still exists today. I'm a creative person and love fashion, so it really is a great love of mine.

RB: When you awarded as a miss world Avakin? How do you feel that time?

Wick: I was crowned Miss World in February 2019. It was simply one of the best days I've ever had on Avakin. I fought so hard for that title and put my heart and soul into it. So to win was just unbelievable, and I consider myself grateful every day for it.

RB: What color eyeshadow look more good on eyes makeup?

Wick: Brown eyes look good with metallic shades like greens, purples, and golds. Green and Blue eyes suit cooler shades of grey and silver tones. 

RB: what's fashion for you?
Wick: Fashion is keeping up with trends and looking forward to what might be in style in the future. But it's also a personal style and your own taste. I think if you create a look for yourself that works for you and make you feel confident in your own skin, then that's fashion too. 

RB: Who admired you more about fashion?

Wick: It's well known that real-life designer brands are used to inspire Avakin clothing, and so I always follow these closely and with interest. On Avakin, I admire content creators like Diah Moon and Miakeyla Sanders. And I'm also a huge fan of Avakin Caras Magazine, which has amazing models and fashion concepts.

RB: What you think about the flawless makeup on Avakin?

Wick: I love it, the new contours really make a difference to how you look in pics and even when editing. You just have to know which shade suits you and how to adjust the position of it so it looks right. I think with any makeup, less is more. Especially with eyeshadow. The darker ones with thick black liner really make your eyes look tiny. It's better to find a shade that suits your eye color and looks naturally pretty.

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