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Avakin Blogger, RB this side. Today I am sharing with you "Avakin Cute Girls Photos" they're good at taking the picture and editing them. Some of them are single and some are in a relationship. Stay-tuned for checking these fashion Models. I love their work, most of them said they use PicsArt, sketchbook, IbisPaintx, Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop for editing pictures.  

In this Avakin Blogger (Cute fashion Model Magazine) Album, I am sharing with you the top cute fashion model in Avakin Life.

Biia Ozzothy lives in Brazil and she's good at making Avakin cute avatars along with she enjoys taking participate in the Fashion Contest. Her life going amazing in Avakin life. She's in the Avakin Ozzothy Family of Editors. Biia joined Avakin in the year 2017 and she loves playing Avakin. Biia told us that she practicing edits by using Lightroom and Snapseed. Biia is single for a long time "Being the single is better than being with the wrong person" and she looking for the child in Avakin life. Join her if you looking for a cute +momma like her. 

Naomi creates impressive Digital art, she's the cutest model of Avakin Blogger Magazine. She lives in the Philippines and she enjoyed playing Avakin with their loved ones. 

Naomi: I started around June 2018 so it's been almost 2 years and so far so good but there are lots of copycats because there are only limited facial features and only a few ways to make them look good so I determined to make a really unique face, something that's hard to copy and 100% Naomi. I wanna make sure it's cute and Asian looking and a face that's never been seen before in Avakin.

Mazikeen does amazing sexy Avakin Edits, she's the Digital Creator of Avakin life along with she's good in video editing. Mazikeen lives in Canada and she started playing Avakin 2 years back. She's single and she can speak french fluently. 

RB: @iamflawed.avk is amazing in making Sexy and cute Avakin life edits. Day by day she's growing her ideas for spectacular images. I like the way that she advancing her edits. Let's know About Flawed style of fashion from her:

 I'm Flawed, for so many reasons I joined Avakin around April last year! I am almost one year in Avakin life and it’s been one eventful year for me! I am currently in a serious relationship in real life so I don’t have anyone on Avakin life! I do my edits with ibisPaint x but I am thinking of switching To procreate to see the possibilities available on Procreate and how I can better myself at editing! 

What you follow For being too fashionable, I also got tips that really helped me like observing past results and trying to follow the trend! Poses! Make-ups and outfits just try to be excessive lol! I think it’s a good idea, especially in fashion contests with tattoos! Lol, wear a lot of those!!

Then, let's know something about her Ava life:
Well, currently I am trying to hold on to a lot of things here virtually because in real life requires a lot of attention at the consequence and people on here ain’t making me feel like I need to stay with them and I am honestly hoping that I can keep going further with everyone on Avakin Life. I play games for fun I like the Role-playing game. 

@Sisters_avu (Cayle and Jade) this page is organized by both RL Avakin sisters. They're from England and making amazing cute Avakin edits. Cayla said that she joined Avakin a year ago (2019). Both of them enjoy every moment since they joined Avakin's life. She enjoys Avakin life by organizing short film videos and meeting new people. Both sisters love to wearing the same outfit as an Avakin twin. 

Aish does cutest Avakin Avatar, she's from India. Aish started playing Avakin life in Dec 2017 and she still loves playing Avakin with their loved ones. Aish sticks to IbisPaintX for making these digital arts. Along with the use of PS touch for making png pictures work.

Pockyxholic is amazing in making edits, she uses Autodesk Sketch for making edits. She really enjoying making edits along with she organized monthly events for making their followers happy always for accompanying her. She joined Avakin 4 years back and she loves enjoying playing Avakin. 

Queen Morissette is amazing in making fashion outfits and she's good at Avakin fashion contest and she shared her tips of fashion in her Interview if you like to check her fashion tips then check it. She uses Picsart and Photo Sketch for making edits. She won the fashion contest several times. 

Saphie is one of the cutest digital editors from Singapore, she's is good at everything (Singing, making editing, learning). Do you know why! it's because she loves enjoying learning and doing practice-3 makes her an expert. She inspired me a lot. Saphie uses Sketchbook for editing and her Avakin life going amazing. She playing Avakin since 2017. 

Steph Harmony is amazing in making cute fashion edits, she loves french fashion more. She joined Avakin 4 years back and she doing good day by day. She does photo editing by using a sketchbook, Ibispaintx, and Adobe illustrator. 

Hannah Banana does amazingly is making Cute fashion edits, she loves Italy fashion style. Her inspiration coming by seeing many illustrators and artists. She started making her first edit in the year 2017 by using PicsArt. She keens on creating digital arts. 

RB: Leana does pretty edits of Avakin life along with she's managing @infashion.ava Insta page of Avakin with chia. Both girls are amazing at editing pics. Leana lives in Indonesia and her sis from Singapore. 

Leana: I'm playing Avakin life game since Feb 2018, noob I met with many sorts of personalities from various countries. Some of them are good to me and some of them are rude. But, I'm happy to get new friends and over time I'm happy to play the Avakin Life game. And in the end, I found my family in Avakin. Furthermore, our relationship is extremely close even if only in the game ... I also met a special person Who loved me sincerely. We are playing together since the beginning from noob until now .. 2 years.

And my journey to becoming an editor began in May I joined the modeling world precisely at Elle Magazine Avakin. From there I began to learn as an editor and modeling... 
As time went on many of the contests I participated to improve my skills in editing.

Diah Moon is amazing in making fashion outfits along with she's good in making Avakin Cute avatar as you can see. She's from Indonesia, editing is her hobbies and she enjoyed every moment for making Avakin cute edits and outfits. Her inspiration comes from anime and by seeing Pageant competition of Beauty fashion models.  

@sra_brown_ does pretty amazing outfit of Avakin life. She's the leader of the Brown family and this family is Brazilian. Sra joined this game 2 years back and she loves playing Avakin with her ava Brown family along with friends. Her family supports are every time Stra love playing fashion contest too.

 @moonlight.avk does pretty Avakin edits, when she joined Avakin community then she found it to amazing by seeing lots of choice of different outfits. She loves the USA and Italy fashion more. 

Tamara Steel creates amazing cute edits in Avakin life and she's lives in the Philippines. Germany fashion Inspired her a lot for making stylish outfits. When she joined Avakin at that time Tamara good ain't know more about editing but after seeing other editors make her inspired to do something and make her own style of trying something. She uses the Autodesk sketchbook for making Avakin cute edits. 

  @Who._.there does editing pictures and making videos in Avakin life. Queen lives in the United States. She has been playing Avakin life for the last 6 years. She loves meeting new people in Avakin life. Currently, she’s in a relationship with John in Avakin’s life. She uses Picasrt for editing Pictures. 
lightening does amazing in making cute edits, she enjoys in making Maleficients style. Her favorite color is black and she’s a British woman. She loves Japanese Kawai fashion more. She loves to perform a cat avatar (Meows)

Gloria loves doing fashion modeling in Avakin life, she’s Turkish women and she loves playing Avakin since she joined Ava 2 years back. Gloria said, Avakin life developing their fashion community day by day by bringing new attraction, outfits poses which are really amazing. She loves doing fashion contest in the Avakin contest, although she loves helping their friends by guiding them for a fashion contest.

Enchan Tress Joined Avakin 2 years back. She's good at editing pictures. She's in the family of wolf and she loves playing Avakin life with their family and with their loved ones. She started making her first edit by using a sketchbook but now she's using IbispaintX for editing Avakin photos. 

This cute edit model is Ascalixm, she’s intelligent along with she’s a very active Avakin Instagramer girl. She was amazing at Avakin Quiz which is closed now from Avakin. Her life going amazing in Avakin life. She said that doing practice only makes a person expert in something. This edit made by Jad Jayzee. 

@Karenn_ozzothy does sexy edit in Avakin life, she’s in the family of editors Ozzothy family
Avakin Life for me is a game that we can make friends from anywhere in the world, to start trusting and loving our neighbor even though we are far away, where we meet people of all types no matter what they are, Avakin life is a harmless game for many diversions and various types, ex: Fashion, home and furniture and etc ..., Everything is full of fun including having the choice of creating your own characters and all the things are taken from real-life plus I love to do decoration, Avakin for me is much more than one game, this is my opinion about the game. I am from Porto Velho Rondônia Brazil, I am 17 years old and I am independent of my parents, my life in Avakin is great, always with my friends and the Avakin family present with me.

Angela Barbara does cute Avakin photo edits. She uses Ibispaintx for making Digital arts. She starts playing Avakin 2 years back but she enjoyed more in creating arts. I enjoyed seeing her work

@Ava_yurei24k lives in the Philippines, she does amazing cute edit of Avakin Life, she's an expert in making cute edits by using Ibispaintx tool and she developing her work day by day. She joined Avakin 2 years back and her life going pretty chill in Avakin. She loves hanging out with their friends, family on Avakin. She does all editing work of 24k Family. Currently, Yurie is single on Avakin life.

RB: @xx_spirit_x  created the above sexy Avakin edit. She joined Avakin's life in the year 2014 and she loves playing Avakin life. She's from New York (Pennsylvania). She uses Autosketch, Pics Art for making edits. 

Spirit: I am Single. I have honestly been thinking about quitting.. too much drama... I think the only reason I'm sticking around.. is to do edits and modeling groups...
I love the events !! (I keen to do) The Easter Events are always my favorite because of the ears and slippers ! Especially since I have a pet bunny in real life and in-game:,). Making friends is the only way Avakin can be fun honestly.. if your not social, you gon have trouble finding a liking to the game. And I love meeting new people making bonds of memories like no other. I also love during the Halloween events - literally, my favorite holiday, be someone else for the day - when with Avakin, you have a whole second life.

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