Egypt Adventure Guide with RB

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Avakin Blogger RB this side, today I am sharing with you tips about Avakin Egypt Adventure helps you finding the key and knowing where all the scarabs are. Stick to it for knowing all about Egypt Adventure. "How to find the Key in Egypt and find the Scarab? "

 About Egypt Adventure:
Egypt game in Avakin life is quite amazing for getting a chance of earning 200 Avacoin on daily bases and whenever you joined this public place then you see the different badge which you can level up to 10 and at each level, you will get Avacoins.

✅ How to play Egypt Adventure at Avakin Life?
There are 10 Levels in Egypt. You will get rewards per day bases.
There are 5 Scarab pieces at Egypt adventure which always remains at the same place. You just need to search for the key for opening the main treasure chest. There are 5 Red Boxes at Egypt which have some tattoos and some other gifts along with some of them have Avacoin and Diamonds. One red Scarab piece has the Main key to open the Treasure chest.

🎖️You can't open any red box till you not opened 5 Scarab boxes. After that, you can open any red boxes. 
After getting the Grand Prize Key in the hidden red box you can open the main chest.

🎖️Whenever you start playing Egypt adventure game then you have 100 Keys which you use for an opening for boxes at Egypt, these are the total number of keys that you use for leveling up at Egypt Adventure when you start playing Egypt's first day.

🎖️After using those 100 keys you will get 14 keys on a daily bases. It's on to you how you use those keys but if you waste these keys then you need to wait for opening the main chest next day.

One time Earned XP in Avakin life...

Try to find for Red Boxes which provide you gifts and the key, check the sign on the boxes and they’re red in color which makes them different from the normal ones.

FAQ: When will you earn Avacoin after starting playing Egypt Adventure?
You need to play the Egyptian adventure for the week in which you will earn gifts throughout the week.
Egypt 7 Day Adventure
1st Day: A Hat
2nd Day:  A Paint
3rd Day: Outfit
4th Day: Pose
5th Day: Golden Cat
6th Day: Car
7th Day: Egyptian Pyramid House

Glad to see you here, I hope you will get help in playing Egypt Adventure by reading this. All this information will help you for playing Avakin life EGYPT. 

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