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I am Avakin Blogger (RB), today I meet up with Kayla and know about her Illustration work. In this blog, I am sharing about her work and what she knows about fashion. 

So, Kayla please tell us something about you?
I am Kayla, the Philippines is my hometown. I am currently at the age of 18 and planning to take the course of Accountancy. Sadly, I cannot proceed to a school offering fashion designing since I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and needed a practical job. However, this did not hinder me from doing what I truly desire, to illustrate and design dresses. It was last year that I began to engage in fashion designing and illustration and decided to try earning from it

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Avakin Blogger: What software do you use for making Illustration and please share about any one of your Illustration design?
Kayla: Unlike other fashion illustrators who uses laptop or Ipad to create such wonderful illustration, I only used materials that I can afford such as watercolors, art markers and color pencils.

Avakin Blogger: How can you describe fashion for yours?
Kayla: Fashion is a reflection of oneself. It conveys a lot about you, not only as a designer and a model but also as a person. Fashion as well as a portal that brings you to the world of creativity and eccentric style/designs.

Avakin Blogger: Please tell us about your Achievements in making fashion illustrations?
 Kayla: I don't have so much to tell about my achievements since I started late and am still new to this. But I'm excited to start a business and get my first client and be able to learn more from them.

Avakin Blogger: What changes that you see in fashion as compared to the last decade?
Kayla: I can't exactly tell how different fashion is from the last decade since I am too young at that time to notice about fashion and all. But it surely has changed a lot considering the changing preferences of people as well as the trends in fashion. 

Avakin Blogger: What admired you the most for making Different fashion illustrations?
Kayla: Browsing on Instagram and seeing the different illustrations of the many designers motivate and inspired me to become one of them.  It also made me ecstatic when I have inspired many people through my illustrations and hence, helped me see the significance of fashion.

Avakin Blogger: What memorable response have you had to your work?
Kayla: I think it was when someone commented on my post that he was thankful for my illustrations since it inspired him just by looking at them.

Avakin Blogger: Do you sell your work online too? How?
Kayla: Yes, I sell my work online, especially on Instagram. They can just direct message me for orders and commissions. Those designs that I have posted are all my own designs and are available for purchase. 

Avakin Blogger: What things do you use for making Illustration?
Kayla: There are many to mention. In making the designs, you do not only need the physical materials but many more including your ideas, motivation from your followers, determination, and uniqueness.

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Some of Kayla Fashion Design:

Goddess Hot Iconic outfit 

Bluish Iconic red carpet fashionable outfit

Red Iconic Outfit along with white leaf Design 

Designer Greyish Iconic outfit for Wedding

Adventurous Mini Shirt Dress paired with self-designed Black Leather Jacket

Green Iconic Outfit

Bride Iconic outfit design in light Pinkish colour

Iconic outfit of Red carpet design

Glad to see you here, if you like her work then check it out her Instagram (Link mentioned above) for giving her work proposal for yours. If you're designer and want to share your good work like this then contact Insta: Avakin_bloggers

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