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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side, today I am sharing with you some Random Avakin life Boys Photography. These are my Instagram friends. They're the Avakin Fashion model from different countries and enjoying playing Avakin life games. 

Pride is really decent guy from Russia, he love posting picture in Instagram and making YouTube videos. (Fashion Interview) and he having more than 10k followers on Instagram boost them up, he's married in Avakin life ( 5.10.18 )  with pride_avakin

Harry mind is really to sharp and he's good in Avakin Quiz master and make nice and funny videos too. If you like to know more about him then check his QUIZ INTERVIEW 
Henry is really good in fashion, he usually wearing Business man outfits in Avakin life, check his Instagram which is full of  men fashionable outfits. He's in level 53 and still single in Avakin. 
Hiren (Mayruu) is good in fashion and he's good footballer. He's in relationship with Myraa

Delacroix fashion and edits are really Amazing. He's from Brazil and member of Delacroix family. 
Brian Carter lives in India, he's just 19 and his voice is really nice. I heard once that's how I know about it. 

Chris is 19-year old and he's a charitable person as well he's an owner of sportsmanship... He's a member of Kauten Family and his wife is Karoleny_star in avakin life.

James has been editing pictures since 2018 and he's excellent in it. If you like to add him in Avakin life his friend code is {QTG-XH4} 

Fred is Mexican and he's editing pictures from the last 2 year and doing a great job.

His name is Chan wolf and he's from Philippians and he's playing Avakin from a year.

{Avakin Life was like a roller coaster journey for me, there are times that I felt lonely and left out but through the help of my friends who guided cared and loved me for who I am, in spite of my flaws and imperfection. Honestly, I was a victim of bullying inside the game when I was low-level many players refuse to talk to me, I guess some of you also experienced that. 

There are stereotypes in the game. Rich people only have rich friends. Noobs can only have noobs friends. Noobs are treated unequally. And because of all that, my confidence was ruined and I was planning to quit. But I meet a few good people who build back my self-esteem and taught me how to contend and how to feel stronger and how to be the person I am now today. I joined and settled an Avakin family lately and it is the best thing that happened to me in Avakin.}
- rösSHIRO

Henry is 27 years old and he has been playing Avakin for the last 2 years. He's Brazilian and he's member of Salzman family

Yonathan is good in singing and playing guitar. He's in lvl 58, he have many sisters and he love them so much.
Jonathan playing avakin life from 1 year and he loved it. He's from Boston (USA)
Nego is nice guy and he's Brazilian. He is playing avakin life from last 2 year. Add him  if you like( QWT-QVB) 

I am Ronnie and I'm Indian. I'm  22 Young and I love making new friends in Avakin life  
I hope you like to know more about them, so check their Instagram. If you like to share your picture then text me on Avakin_Bloggers

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