Avakin Luxury Empire Family

Hi there, Avakin Blogger RB this side. Today I am sharing with you about Luxury Empire. This family is created by Lorren. She's the founder of the Luxury Empire. In this Blog you will know more about this family and how can you join this Avakin Luxury family. 

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luxury.empire.official, Leader - Lorren.luxury

so, let's start knowing about this empire from Lorren


RB: How old is your family and who formed it?
Lorren: Our family is almost one year old, it was founded in November 2019 by @lorren.luxury

RB: What you guys do for fun?
Lorren: We have a lot of things to do, like different events with different themes (from gala events to sleepover parties) various photo shootings with different themes, we do various competitions for our family members like video, photo editing competitions, fashion competitions where our members can win big prizes, we have hosted different giveaways for Avakinlife community and soon we'll open our Monthly and Weekly giveaways where each one members will be involved to help them grow with us. And other various activities...

RB: Who is the chattiest member and Romantic one member in your family?
Lorren: I think we all are talkative people since one of our rules is communication (be talkative). But I can say we have one the most talkative angel in our family and that's @verxnica.luxury everything always comes to life when she starts talking and who's romantic one-member 😆 for sure my husband Nick Luxury

RB: As a leader, what challenges do you face for managing your family?
Lorren: I can't say these are literally challenges. In my opinion is a sure thing to maintain a balance between family members and provide them a place where they can grow, where they are happy without any drama that's why for us is important to build strong friendships between family members. "Be luxury inside, not outside" I always try to lead all members to this and show them the meaning of our family. This is what makes our family different our priorities are built on friendships between family members. Also, we have zero tolerance for big egos, lies, scammers, since we always want to keep our good name as Luxury Family.

RB: If you are LKWD, what adjustments will you make in Avakin life?
Lorren: If I was and LKWD
⚜️• I would like to increase the maximum capacity of our apartments and public servers.
⚜️•Bring back quiz, add some games like Egypt one to earn Avacoins and open the offers to every country. Since in this game not everyone can afford what they want. So I'd like to bring them more opportunities to get more Avacoins to make it easier and funnier for those who are under 15 years old.
⚜️•Fix the ban system, many giveaways creators getting banned without sufficient reasons, and instead of banning them, I'd want to support them since they're also helping this Avakin community with their giveaways(competitions) to have more fun and to get that what some people of this community can't afford it.

⚜️Rules for joining us: 

🔻Age at least 20 years old
🔻Level 20 and up
🔻Communication with leaders
🔻All official members must have name changed
🔻Respect and be respected ( Respect each other regardless of their level, status, their time in family, sexual orientation
🔻one gold wings
🔻No drama allowed
🔻No hurting, no bullying other family members, no sexual harassments
🔻Be active on Instagram and Avakinlife
🔻all giveaways should promote our family
🔻Begging inside and outside the family is prohibited

Glad to see you here, if you interested in Joining with this Family and you can follow all these rules then contact to the Luxury family. Friends of friends have more chances for being part of this family, Good Luck. Follow us on IG: Avakin_Bloggers for seeing many other amazing collaborations like this. 

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