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Avakin Blogger- RB this side, today I am Interviewing Laura Gurbanova, she's one of the renowned Youngest fashion Illustrators, Laura, she's more passionate about fashion. She started making her first illustration when she's just 11 and currently, she's 18 now. Laura has many followers on Instagram who follow her Ideas and waiting for her new creative designs. 

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So, let's begin the Illustrator Laura Gurbanova Interview...

About Laura:
My name is Laura. I was born in Azerbaijan, and I am 18 years old. I started with my first illustration when I was 11 years old-first drawing video posted on Instagram.

RB: Please share any of your favorite one Illustration "How much time do you take for finishing this Illustration and tell us something about where you get ideas for making it?
Laura: It can take more than 5 hours, or even 6 hours to finish one of my drawings. But also it depends on my mood, I even can finish the same drawing in 3-4 hours. But generally, it takes 5 hours.


RB: How do you get inspired for making amazing Illustrator?
Laura: When I first opened my Instagram account, I was inspired by many different artists on social media like Kristina Webb, Hayden Williams and etc. In these 3-4 years, I mostly get inspired by posts and photos that I see on Pinterest. It can be beautiful gowns or just simple fashion outfits. 

Also, my biggest inspiration is my friends and of course family. Especially my mom, she always helps me to find new ideas, or how to make the drawing look more creative and addition I want to say that, any comment that my followers left on my IG account motivates me a lot too, or even when they say that -“you inspire me a lot”-it gives me the full motivation to keep going in life and work hard on me!

RB: Whom do you give credit for your success and why?
Laura: I really want to say thank you to my parents. As I said they are my biggest inspiration. Even when I told them that I want to be a fashion designer in the future, they told me-just follow your dreams, and we will always be behind you and support you. And it really motivates me a lot in life. Even now, after drawing a picture/illustration, the first thing I do is the run-up to my mother with the words -You need to rate it!

RB: What do you do in your Spare apart from Illustration Design?
Laura: I do like sport. Before being an illustrator I was a good tennis player. I was always going in for sports. Now I don’t have enough time for it but want to start again in summer.

Also if I want to be a successful designer in the future, I should sew well. So at the current time, I am learning how to sew correctly.

RB: what qualities make Illustrations different from the rest?
Laura: Well, I always wanted to make something different and interesting. I don’t like basic drawings, I am always looking for some creativity. If you take a look at each of my drawings, you will see some new details that look creative. 

For example, recently I have tried something interesting for myself “thread fashion illustration”.That was a really interesting and successful experience for me. I was sewing and drawing on paper. Not on special sewing desk, but on paper. Or even my other experience with the architecture of my country/city.

RB: Describe a time when you found difficulty for putting your Illustration Design ideas into reality?
Laura: I have some difficulties after I passed my graduation exams. I haven’t been drawing for 1 year because I was preparing for my exams, and even when I successfully passed them, and started to draw again, it was hard for me. I was drawing but didn’t like the results.

RB: Please share your experiences to deal with difficult customers/Clients?
Laura: I think I don’t have any difficulties with the clients. So far I’ve had good customers.

RB: Describe any time when you worked hard on any work but you found difficult to make any Illustrations exactly?
Laura: When I was making an illustration with sequins, that were changing the colors. I spend one week on it, it wasn’t hard but it took time and patience

RB: How do you manage change?
Laura: I’ve come a long way in my career as an illustrator. I can say that I am self-taught, and have been practicing for 7 years. And there were a lot of changes in this period of time. Made new friends, new projects with them, gained new followers, collaborations and etc.

RB: What software and materials do you use for making Illustration Design?
Laura: Mostly I use markers Because I think that they are very professional in use. My favorite one is “Pro-marker”-they are very soft, professional, and easy to use. Another favorite brand that I use is “Touch markers" Along with I use different pencils, my favorite one is “Staedtler”.

Also, I can’t live without a black and white pen. And always use them in my drawings. In addition want to say that I also use different glitters, jewel details and etc.

RB: How do intent daily and weekly actives
Laura: The idea of making new illustrations comes up suddenly. It depends also on my inspiration. But the best time for making an illustration is Saturday and Sunday for me. I can give all myself into this drawing. Also, I always make a plan of what should I draw on this weekend, and what needs to draw on another weekend.
Laura Fashion Illustration of Brands Models: 

Cars Brand: Ferrari, BMW, Jaguar,  Lamborghini Illustration Models

 Cold-Drinks Brand: Cocacola, Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi Illustration Models

Soccer Teams: FCB, Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United Illustration Models
Fast food Brands: McDonald, Burger King, KFC, Domino's Pizza fashion Illustration Models.  
Popular Food and Beverages Brands: Oredo, KitKat, Milka, Kinder fashion illustration Models 

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