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Avakin Blogger this side, today I am Interviewing Ldochev who is the fashion Illustrator celebrity. He is astonishing in making illustrations along with he's too fashionable and good in workout.

Lynbomir Dochev is really too young Illustrator and he is most famous for making spectacular illustrations. Punching a time clock is really hard but time management is an important part of his life. He loves working longer on Illustration along with workout by waking up early. 

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About Ldochev: 
My name is Lyubomir Dochev and I am 24 years old illustrator from Bulgaria. I have always loved drawing in general and have been doing it since I was a child. Thankfully, I can now use this gift from God as my profession.

So, let's begin Ldochev Interview by Avakin Blogger

RB: How much time do you take for making one Illustration?
Ldochev: I am drawing digitally and creating a digital piece. In my opinion, it is faster rather than drawing on paper. It takes me somewhere around 3 hours to finish an illustration if I don’t get distracted.

RB: How do you get inspired for making amazing Illustrator?
Ldochev: Inspiration can come from anywhere. You just have to be with your eyes open for it. I can say that one of my main muses is Rihanna. She just shows how with hard work and confidence you can achieve everything you believe in.

RB: Whom do you give credit for your success? 
Ldochev: I can say that social media played a really big role in my popularity and I am grateful for each person who supports my work in any way possible. Without my followers, I don’t think I would have the same motivation to create and post more.

RB: How you manage your time for doing workouts along as well as making amazing Illustration?
Ldochev: Waking up early is so important to me. I can have time to work out and prepare my meals. Working out really gives me motivation and power for the rest of the day. Taking care of your body is important just like art is important for the soul.

RB: Please Describe your work! And what qualities make yourself different from another Illustrator?
Ldochev: I think every artist has a unique way of expressing their ideas and that’s what makes us interesting. My work is not perfect but I think the flaws are what make it cool. I really love using moving elements like feathers, flowers, butterflies and also some lighting effects. Street style is a big inspiration too.

RB: Describe a time when you found difficulty for putting your Illustration Design ideas into reality?
Ldochev: If I am inspired enough and have a big muse, I can draw in any time of the day but I usually don’t like staying late at night so maybe the perfect time for me is in the afternoons with a hot cup of latte or tea.

RB: Please share your experiences to deal with difficult customer/Clients?
Ldochev: In every sphere, there are some people who are trying to scam or mistreat others. I have had some situations with clients who just disappear or stop answer me when we are on a certain stage of the project. But I am trying to keep going and just be more cautious. The truly good people will appreciate the work and energy you put into every illustration.

RB: Describe any time when you worked hard on any work but you found difficult to make any Illustrations exactly?
Ldochev: I always try to use my imagination and recreate a certain image the way I see it. Of course, it happens to me sometimes not to finish an illustration just because I am not feeling it will look good at the end.

RB: How do you manage change?
Ldochev: Changes are something good. It really helps by challenging you to be creative and think of different options to deal with a certain situation. Changes should be taken as a lesson for growth.

RB: What software and materials do you use for making Illustration Design?
Ldochev: I am currently using an iPad and Procreate for my illustrations and I am really enjoying it. It’s really easy to use and can be with you anywhere. It’s really portable.

RB: How do intent daily and weekly actives?
Ldochev: Planning is a good way to manage your day and be more prepared and productive. Of course, I am not planning my every move but I usually try to make a routine every day which helps me to be more concentrated.

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