Top 10 Important things for love

 Hello Friends, Avakin Bloggers (RB) this side. Today I am going to share with you "10 Important things for love" by knowing these things I bet sure that you'll understand the importance of love for making every relationship strong. 

 Many people feel like they know everything about love and how we feel it. But there is a lot of feelings that I feel like love and are components of love but do not actually love.
"Don't try to be separate from the person when you think you started liking him/her because everyone isn't the same and experience does not mean you will go through same like past relation. "

 Here are some top 10 things which are important for Love:
Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new, things about yours. Love happens when a two-person heart connected with mutual understanding and have feeling for each other deeply. Sometimes you feel so connected with the person with a heart and you just to the person as your friend.

  1: Attraction   
Love at first sight. The founding of someone who physically looks attractive doesn’t mean you love that one person. It just means you find her and looks physically more attractive to you. We attract easily from many beautiful girls, but the way of getting a good girl can only stall heart, even they don't look much prettier, but she’s really something a pretty more from the rest of the girls. 

 2. Affection
  You can have many feelings for a person to still not love that person who show affection for you, but just physical affection, and not love you. Love is as much like discipline, a commitment to a way of behavior, as a feeling of the soul. Affection is when a person adores someone or something. Affection is kept for someone in the heart or something while love speaks for itself. Any love or happiness is given to anyone always comes back

 3. Attachment 
Throughout life, we form and sever attachments. Feeling a part of someone and wanting not to be apart from someone is part of love but doesn’t constitute the full picture. Attachment means many things, ranging from emotional affection to physical affection. We can define it by a strong emotional bond. Whereas, love is a direct feeling between couples. 

 4. Desire to do something
These Sexual desires are perhaps most commonly confused with love because fun and love are so close to being bound together. But if you want someone who does not mean you love that person; it just means if you want to keep that person, you had better learn how to love that person. These desires create a barrier in a teen couple relationship, so it’s not good for younger to take these desires in mind.

5. Need in Love
While love—both the acts of giving and receiving—is a basic need of humans, the feeling of the need itself is not to love. You can need someone and treat them terribly, or vice-versa. If they stick around for making the punishment or you do it is called Codependence or dysfunction. In every relationship Girls and boys are thinking always about their partner, they can’t live properly without talking for a day.

6. Intensity
It’s said that love is blind, and love can also be blinding. But so, can many other things, and a single flash of lightning can’t guide us all the way home. Intensity can embody the other love impostors, such as need and immediacy, and it can also simulation as passion, which is one of love core elements. Love creates a sense of peace, security, and stability. Love is sustainable. Intensity is not.

7. Chemistry and physics
In unhappy, unhealthy relationships, the kind in which two people are bent on destroying each other, the ex is often the last thing to go. My eyes are constantly widely opening for the extraordinary facts of existence. It's not just for human existence, but actual existence is of life and how this breathtakingly so powerful process, which’s natural the selection has been managing to take the very simple fact of physic and chemistry; build them up to redwood trees and humans. 

 8. Hero worship
 Putting someone on a pedestal is indulging in a fantasy, the wish-desire for the perfect partner. Love is real and stays in the here and now. Worship a real hero if you want, but treat your partner as an equal. We find not much in ourselves admiring, we are always privately wanting to be like somebody else.

9. Immediacy
 We have all witnessed, and some of us experienced, the mad rush to the altar. If it is all happening too fast and there’s no time to think, someone is rushing it and when we rush, we screw up unless we are getting really lucky. If you are really that eager to build a life with someone, why not take the time to make sure there’s a solid foundation in place, so you don’t end up in a castle in the air.

 10. Synchronicity.
The most powerful love simulator because nearly everyone loves a romantic story. Your relationship may truly feel this way, but if you or your partner are forcing this overlay onto the story of your courtship, it’s probably not meant to be. Make sure you love your partner so hard, and your partner loves you, more than you as you get the satisfaction of your wants.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you like it. These things are really important to know for making the relationship to go smoothly.

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