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Avakin Blogger RB this side, today I am sharing with you about all badges in Avakin life and telling you how to get these badges in the Avakin life.  

There are 25 Badges in the Avakin life which are,
LKWD, Bot, Social Moderator, Content Creator, Helper, Prom Royalty, Luck of the Irish, Fashion Star, Fashion Model, TIGA, Kenya Safari, Festive Spirit, Werewolf, Vampire, Carnival, Summer Sundown, Quiz Master, Avakin Cosmos, Creativity Badges ( Gold, Silver, Bronze), Harmony, star designer and the Default one Badge.

Star Designer Badge

πŸ‘‰ You need 40 tokens for getting this Star Designer Badge

πŸ‘‰ Collect art book from Fashion Altered place, then you will get 5 tokens

πŸ‘‰ Purchase Waiting line pose from Fashion Altered place and do it in the place of arrow sign which will give you 4 Tokens daily. 

Tower Resident Badge: »»————>
For getting this badge you must need to have Sky View An apartment which costs you 7,999 Avacoins. LKWD Theo award this Tower Resident Badge 

Bot Badge: »»————>

Bot Badge is the Badge that is allowed to the LKWD during the event bases, as you already seeing some Bot LKWD who repeating the same words many times in public and texting privately whenever someone entered in the place where LKWD is. For earning this bade, this badge is allowed only for the person who working with official teams, they’re programmers and developers.

Helper Badge: »»————>

Helper badge is allowed to some video creator and content creator who helps in the development of the community by making others helping for knowing more information about this community. This Badge is usually available with the AvakinSupport team.

Avakin  Creativity Badge: »»————>
Create your Festival Music Video for a chance to win the brand-new Creativity badge
To enter the contest, you must:
1. Post your music videos to YouTube and include the hashtag #AvakinFestivalMusicVideo in the title and the description box
2. Subscribe to Avakin Life Official YouTube channel
You can enter the contest as many times as you want. The contest closes on July 30th, so make sure you submit your entries before then!

Harmony Badge»»————>

How to get Harmony Badge (15 Points for solar tokens)

😎> Speak to the LKWD Furu at The Solar Sounds Festival Village, choose which sculpture to burn (10 solar tokens)
Go on the stage and follow LKWD Furu’s instruction. He will tell you to shout a phrase (1 solar token)
😎> Go to the concert (any 1 of the 3 will do) You only need to purchase the one-time ticket for 199 Avacoins for the badge (For Festive Store you need to spend 1599 for the store ticket) You get 4 solar coins after reaching the concert. Return to LKWD Furu
😎> 5 and purchase your Harmony Badge (15 solar tokens) at the Festive Store!

  TIGA: »»————>

Avakin Life has won Game of the Year! Your votes have been counted and it’s official… Avakin Life has won the TIGA Awards Game of the Year 2019!
This badge is limited and not available anymore.
Avakin life won 6 Awards of TIGA Games Industry The award, Best Role-Playing Game, Best social game, Best Technical Innovation, and Game of the year award during 2019.

Festive Badge: »»————>

Lets Create our Very Own,
Festive carol to represent the Avakin community and win awesome prizes along the way!

Start by heading to the brand new Middletown Winter Fayre, where you
ll meet Beatrix Bauble. Shes writing a special carol for the Avakin community and needs your help! Find her friends in festive spots around Avakin Life to help them write 10 wonderful verses.

Every day youll find a friend in a different location, and youll need to do this across 10 days to complete all the verses and win all the prizes.

 Once youve found them all, return to Beatrix for a fantastic festive badge. The final carol, as decided by the whole Avakin the community will be shared in the newsfeed for everyone to enjoy!

Fashion Model: »»————>

Avakin fashion badge will get after reaching level 5 in the Avakin fashion contest. It’s the easy way of earning Avacoins too.  You will get more XP by participating in every contest and decorating the avatar amazingly. Although, you can rate other fashion models and get XP in return which helpful for level-up faster.

Prom Royalty: »»————>

Prom King and queen badge will be available only for 4th June 2020, for participating in the competition you get a chance of winning 2,00,000 Avacoin along with this Badge It’s the Royal Exclusive Badge
How to Participate use Hashtag: #Avakinpromkingandqueen2020 if the entries are increasing up to 10k then you all get the chance of gifts something. Deadline 4th June.

LKWD Badge: »»————>

LKWD Badges are allowed only for the official who is interlinked with the Development of Avakin Game. Some of them are Web Developer and some are graphic designers and the Main more. There are around 110 LKWD members who have this badge.

Social Moderator Badge: »»————>
It’s hard to get Moderator Badge, all those who have this Badge are handling some important data of Avakin life, Sapphire Kelly Managing the Avakin Life Group on Facebook and she’s managing her Avakin Addiction magazine along with she handling others quarries on Reddit as well. Avakin will directly contact you if you’re good at these things to join Avakin's official on Reedit for new updates and for sharing your ideas over there.

Content Creator Badge: »»————>

For the Content Creator Badge, you just need to know how to make content amazingly even it’s of Editing something or creating magazines, groups, and anything which helpful for the others. All the content creator who has this badge are available on Reddit too for the latest information and some are handling Facebook groups and some are good at editing. The official will directly reach you if your content is useful Dale said.

Summer Showdown Badge: »»————>

In this initial-of-its-kind event, two duos compete to throw the most wonderful party the summertime has ever seen! Complete challenges and earn points for unique prizes, plus a ticket to the totally unmissable Summer Showdown Party... Head to the Entrance Plaza of the Santa Monica Boardwalk to meet Showdown Sally. She’ll introduce you to the Summer Showdown and help you pick your team! Will you be TeamPopcorn or TeamCottonCandy?
There are three weekends in this event, each lasting from Friday to Sunday, and you can earn 5 points for your team and 1 prize for yourself every day each weekend. Complete every challenge across a whole weekend for 20 bonus points & a unique prize!

Plus, earn at least 50 points for your team to get an exclusive Summer Showdown badge to show next to your username! Just speak to Sally to pick it up.

Come back each weekend from the 9th to the 25th of August to earn more points for your team. The winning team will hold an incredible Summer Showdown Party at the end of the month to celebrate their victory!

Cosmic Explorer: »»————>

This badge is newly launched in July 2020, you can get it as a reward after purchasing Avkn Odyssey Shuttle. This extraordinary shuttle is an impressive home along with it's a gateway to the stars and beyond of it. It's an Exclusive apartment. 

Luck of Irish Badge: »»————>
If you looking for this badge then try to find it out from Mystery box, but it depends upon your luck. Spin your mystery box and find this badge. It's the luck of the Irish.

Carnival Badge: »»————>
Experience carnival to its fullest with your samba schoolmates from the 21st through the 28th of February🌟
πŸ›‘️How to get the Carnival BadgeπŸ›‘️
• Check the Grand Cobana Hotel, there you find LKWD Fernanda.

• Do the "Rodeo Party" dance next to her & she'll gift you your shiny festive carnival badge.

Fashion Star: »»————>
For earning Avakin Fashion Star badge you need to come under Top 10 list in the Gold contest. All who come in the top ten list will get this badge and around 24k Avacoins as a reward of coming on Top. Everyone earns rewards according to their numbers but for the badge, it's come under the top 10.

Quiz Master Badge: »»————>
Quizmaster badge ain't available on Avakin anymore, for earning this badge you need to give quizzes in Avakin Star style public spot, there are 3 rounds for getting quiz badges. Many questions come twice when you sit for a quiz again. Many folks earned a lot of Avacoins by playing quizzes daily, 

Default Badge: »»————>
This Badge is available for everyone, when you start playing Avakin then you see this one only badge that you have in the beginning. 

Kenya Badge: »»————>
The vibrant soul of  Africa has arrived in Avakin Life this month as we travel to Kenya! Dive into the safari aesthetic in a chic outfit with textured details, become a mighty beast with new African animal costumes, or wear the distinctive and traditional rich red dress of the Maasai tribe. Discover the luxurious Kenya Safari Park, where wild animals roam and nature is always close by. Own a corner of this savannah paradise with your very own private lodge on the reserve!

Look out for these events:
Go on a Wild Safari at the Kenya Safari Park!
Explore the Kenya Safari Park Social Spot, where you can swim in the outdoor pool, lounge by the fire pit and take in the wild animals and unforgettable landscapes.

Meet Animals at the Kenyan Safari for FREE GIFTS!
Head to the Kenya Safari Park every weekend this month to meet a collection of safari animal characters. Complete their challenges to earn special Kenyan-themed gifts!

Speak to the Kenyan Friends for FREE GIFTS!
A group of three Kenyan friends wants you to learn all about their culture and history! Answer their questions for free prizes and a ticket to a private safari party.

Werewolf And Vampire Badge: »»————>
πŸ§› Last Chance to Earn Shadow Points by Infiltrating Your Rivals! 🐺 This weekend is your last chance to earn shadow points for your side this Halloween! you can win a prize every day, as well as shadow points. Just speak to your leader in Club Sundown Pandemonium and complete their daily challenges

After choosing your side »»
The Vampires: Vampire badge
The Werewolves: Werewolf badge

First weekend »»
The Adversary profile background
Framed Print - Ancient Evil
Happy Halloween Sticker
Vampire unique prize: Batcurse tattoo
Werewolf unique prize: Animal Inside tattoo

Second weekend »»
Vampire Coven Backpack
Cursed Gargoyle Statue
Jack O'Lantern Facepaint
Vampire unique prize: Bloodbite profile background
Werewolf unique prize: Clawswipe profile background

Third weekend »»
Skeletal Selfie T-Shirt
Framed Print - Stay Magical
Spookyboo Phonecase
Vampire unique prize: Batcurse Lamp

Werewolf unique prize: Mooncurse Lamp

Glad to see you here, I hope this Avakin Badge Magazine will help you for getting Avakin Badges. Follow us  on Instagram: @Avakin_Bloggers »»————>

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