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Hello friends, Avakinblogger (Ronnie) this side,  Today I'll teach you how to approve your website for AdSense.  These "Top 12 tips why people fail to approve Adsense"  tips will help for approving Adsense on your website.  
So, stick with it for knowing more about Adsense. I am sure these things really help you out for approving your AdSense account. 


 These are the General need for your Blog to Apply for AdSense: 

1) Your Blog or Site must be one month old at least with domain: People who using blogger without any domain they must need to wait for at least 6 months for applying for the domain.

    2) Try to make health contents: High-Quality articles don’t mean that you’re using the high level of vocabulary, actually, it’s just mean to create your own content which isn’t plagiarized.

3) Optimize your Blog post: Make sure you’re using of Tags and try to fetch your website on google webmaster so it’ll easily rank on Google, try to use of long-tail keywords so it can rank easily

4) Try to submit around 20-30 Articles on your blog: If your blog has many articles so it’s easier for the AdSense team to approved your Blog. They do not just check your post, but also it checks the pictures that you uploaded on it. Try not to upload nudity pictures so you can’t get AdSense approval. Try to use of HD (High Definition) picture which makes your blog attractive for the visitor to read it.

     5) Make sure your website has Sitemap: The sitemap is really important for any website and it’s googled product so if your website doesn’t have a sitemap you can’t get any AdSense approval.
(Follow these tips for apply Ads on your Blog)

 6) Make sure your website working without www: Try to change your DNS setting, so it can work without www too. For Bloggers, it’s better to buy  Domain from Blogger (I purchased it from Go Daddy their services are good too).

7)  Check your Blog isn’t Blocked by Google: You can check it in your Webmaster account, I hope your website does not have any manual action issues.

 8) Make sure your AdSense account linked with your Blog or Site: It’s important that your AdSense opened without using a password through Blog or site.

9) Apply the script which AdSense gives you: Don’t forget to use the script under

   10) Make sure you have website Policy: These are the Policy that you do on your website and these things are very helpful to know visitors about your work that's why google authorities need more about your business in it.  


11) Apply web Analytics Web Property ID: Analytics is a google product which really helpful for track traffic and shows details of traffic as well as active users on any pages. 

12) Make sure you don’t have any other AdSense: If you have any other AdSense with the same details (Name, Address, Phone number, Same Payment account) that's the reason, they easily can detect you, although they can reject your application, so you can't get AdSense approval.  

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope these tricks help you out for approving your AdSense account.

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