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Avakin Blogger -(RB) this side, today I'm sharing with you some important tips about “How can you easily start your Business on Facebook”. This Article is really important for you if you like to learn everything about Facebook Marketing for Free.

Start your own Facebook page. How to advertise on Facebook for free?

Actually, it’s quite easy to advertise on Facebook. It’s the platform where you can get more Audience to increase more reaches toward your business and it really helpful for your Business.
These Techniques will make you Facebook Experts  
       Just create any Facebook Account – Choose any objective of your Business and make your account like that for getting genuine people to friend requests and add up those people according to your needs.
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     Start your Business through Facebook        
       Facebook is a platform where you can create your page (Business, Blogger and many more) as per your needs.

      1) Create Facebook Account as per Niche

      2) Add Facebook Business account friend 
      3) Added More friends on Facebook

      4) Convert your friends (5000) into the Facebook page 

      5) Share your website link on your page and draw more traffic towards it.

      6) Approach strait-laced articles about your company on your page and start an automated revert message so if someone message on your page then they get some text in return and found your business location and contact list from your page.

      7) Share your page post in any relevant groups (Don’t share more by using the similar IP unless your website connection will be blocked by the Facebook association)

      8) Increase more like by trading of like from different marketer

      9) You can join any group by using your Facebook page and can post over there moreover if anyone likes your content then you can invite them to your page too plus it will increase your page reaches too.

     10) Update your Business banner on your page and promote them so your business comes in others' existence.

     11) Create a video of your Business and upload it on YouTube and share the link on Facebook for increasing views toward it.
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How Google Trends helpful for Facebook and Google ads?

Google trends are work well for knowing the area and for knowing more about people's Interest and what they’re searching for and what keywords they’re more using. We also can know about the location of folks and were they searching for things. Apart from it, you can do competitor analysis by selecting other pages like and those who follow any page they’ll only saw your ads. By doing all these things you can select exact and genuine audience or Data you’re looking for and you get genuine customers.

Business Facebook Manager:
It’s free to use, you need to confirm your Identity before sign up for Business Manager.

        1)   Go to  
        2)   Click Create Account
        3)   Enter your business name, select the primary party name or work email address
You can collect email and contact for generating lead although you can measure Performance of the viewers by seeing results, result rate, reach, frequency, Impressions, Delivery, social reach, social impressions, Actions, people taking action, Relevancy

Select the Audience who most like to buy your products, but make sure you advertise in a manner so they more attractive towards it.

What’s the Marketing Objective?

Facebook advertising tools might not work as expected when an advertising blocker is enabled in a web browser as an exception so you can create adverts without any problem. After you turn off the advert Blocker.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Drive more Sale leads addresses from people interns brand or business.
  • Video Views
  • Lead generations
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Store Traffic/ visit 
  • Catalogue Sales 

Facebook show or provide user designation as per their need and requirement  
Campaign name, Give a name to the traffic so you remember the strategies that you use for the campaign.

Setup advert account:
Account country: Any countries (India)
Currency: As per country you’re doing from (Rupees)
Time Zone: Kolkata time (Country wise)

How to use Ads on Facebook?

You can promote your business page by using message, calling, the website reaches which helps you for more reaches and due to it you get contact and email address of the interested peeps of your ads. It’s easy on Facebook to select the age and area of the advertisement.


1) For Boost of the post, you'll get more like and Engagement on your post
You can't decrease your budget than Rs 215.85 ( 3$) + tax which will provide you 370-1100 per day reaches this budget are of 4 Days, You can select age area and male and female as an audience. 

2) Promote your Send message, you can encourage others for writing any comment to your post. 

3) Promote your Page, by doing it you can promote the page and can bid for per click on your page ads. 

4) Promote your Business Locally, by doing that people who're living around your Business see your Ads as age or gender you targeting as per your need. 

5) Get more website visitors, by doing that your website link will not get spam from Facebook. By choosing this Ads option you can take traffic to your website and if the information is relevant and as per the requirement of the people they'll share or like it. 

For Leads

6) Get Leads, You can select any option by getting direct traffic to your website and can collect E-mail and contact number of the Interested peoples. 
How to download Facebook Video:

You can download any Facebook video just by pasting URL on this Save from Net Website.

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