How can I earn XP in Avakin Life?

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Avakin Blogger - RB this side. Today I am sharing with you "How to level up early on Avakin life" if you're new on Avakin life and not know how to get level up fast then check these things mentioned in this blog. You will know All about XP in Avakin life and how to earn Avacoins along with how to play Egypt Adventure in Avakin life for getting 200 Avacoins daily.  

In this blog, I am telling you two types of XP in Avakin's life. The first one is XP which you can earn on a daily bases and the second one is XP which you can earn only time in Avakinlife after completing Avakin Milestone but they're really more XP and easy way for earning it by regular talking with the public.

 Build Machine:»»————>

When you start playing this game then first build your Machine which makes you help for building anything for free of cost, there are some items available which you can build. When you put something on the Build machine then you get 15XP item ready you will get 15 XP along with you to get the free item after some period of time when it's ready. You have one building machine when you joined Avakin and you have the option of opening the 2nd machine too which you opened by 5000 Avacoins.

You can Boost your build machine by using Boost Tokens and you can get boost token by watching videos or ads by clicking the "Get more boost tokens button".

You can able to build many items by using this building machine and you get XP too by doing it. (If you canceling clothes after getting XP then you will get another 15 XP too after putting a new item for building but if you overbuild clothes then your machine will stop too till next month beginning) 

 Be socialize:»»————>

If you love talking and you text too much on social place then you get 15XP every time. By texting any time like that you get 100-200XP Daily.

✅ Click Pictures:»»————>

You will get 15XP on daily basis, so take a picture daily. And there are many Avakin players who take a picture and posting them on Instagram. Pictures are good for making memories too. 

Gifting and Buying Items:»»————>

If you buy or gift something to someone then you get XP through it and the number of XP you will get the matter on the basis of the cost of items. There are many Milestone is available which gives you the task of gifting to someone.

 Rating Apartment:»»————>

You will get 75XP Daily by rating apartment, You just need to jump in someone's apartment and rating them which give you 15XP for each apartment, you can get it by rating to 5 Apartment Daily (15*5=75XP)

✅ Diving into Sea/Pool:»»————>

You will get 15 XP Daily whenever you jump into any pool, whether it's a pool of Public and Private Apartments.

Feeding Pet Daily:
You will get 50XP Daily for feeding pets, although by feeding puppy you can see the mood of the puppy. If you're good at taking care of puppy-like giving them food and water timely then your mood will be good or vise-versa. You only can use one Pet at one apartment. 

Mystery Box:»»————>You can get XP by watching Videos and by opening Mystery boxes, mystery boxes provide you the chance to try your fortune 

 When you joined Avakin then you will get coins rewards every day for 28 days you will get Avacoins ( 500 or 1000 Avacoin daily bases)

By working  at 5 Public Place
✅ Working at Cafe: »»————>

You can work at the cafe by using a diamond, and you can make it convert into Avacoins. Apart from it, you will get many XP working daily. Just by spending 10 Diamonds for Sandwich or for Cappuccino, you will get 18XP for it. For Almond, Americano, Latte you get 10 XP, for Hot chocolate you get 12XP, and for Donut 8XP

πŸ’ŽCappuccino: It's a shot of espresso along with some dry foam and chocolate sprinkles. Cost you 10 Diamonds and provide you 24XP.

πŸ’ŽAlmond Croissant: A flaky croissant is full of almond cream and topped with chopped almonds. It cost you 3 Diamonds. It provides you 10XP

πŸ’ŽGrilled Cheese Sandwich: A classic Savory Snack toasted bread with a cheese filling. It cost you 10 Diamonds. It provides you 24XP

πŸ’ŽAmericano: Kick-start your day with a shot of espresso topped up with hot water. It cost you 3 Diamonds. It provides you 10XP

πŸ’ŽCinnamon Roll: A sweet pastry with cinnamon and icing. It cost you 6 Diamonds. It provides you 18XP

πŸ’ŽGlazed Donut: A tasty and creamy donut with the icing glaze. It cost you 2 Diamonds. It provides you 10XP.

πŸ’ŽBlueberry Muffin: A moist muffin bursting with fresh blueberries. It cost you 4 Diamonds. It provides you 16XP.
πŸ’ŽLatte: A sweet coffee drink with some espresso and with steamed milk. It cost you 3 Diamonds. It provides you 10 XP

πŸ’ŽHot Chocolate: It's a delicious hot chocolate along with whipped cream and cocoa powder. It cost you 6 Diamonds. It provides you with 18XP.

✅ Working at Sundown:»»————>

You can work at Sundown too and by working there you will get many XP by working at sundown. You can convert the Avabucks into Avacoins by coin converting machine at sundown or at the cafe. 

πŸ’Ž Tropical Sunrise: It is a Tropical mix of Pineapple. Orange Juice along with Grenadine makes it good for taste. It cost you 8 Diamonds. 

πŸ’Ž Bar Sliders: Three tasty mini burgers in brioche buns. It cost you 10 Diamonds. 

πŸ’Ž Poolside Crush: Raspberry slush, topped up with lemonade and decorative fruit. It cost you 5 Diamonds. 

πŸ’Ž Peach Samba: Sparking peach juice with a hint of lemon. It cost you 10 Diamonds. 

πŸ’Ž Mixed Bar Snacks: A delicious selection of olives, sundried tomatoes, and nuts. It cost you 8 Diamonds.

πŸ’Ž Mango Mule: Mango, mint, lime, and ginger beer, packs a flavor punch. It cost you  8 Diamonds.

πŸ’Ž Bucket of fries: Cripsy fries, including two accompanying dipping sauces. It cost you 2 Diamonds.

πŸ’Ž Choco Delight: Smooth melted chocolate. mixed with milk and coated with sprinkles. It cost you 4 Diamonds.

πŸ’Ž Blue Mamba: A fun mix of blue fruit punch and cranberry juice for a contrast of sweet and sour. It cost you 6 Diamonds. 

πŸ’Ž Very Berry Cooler: Pureed strawberries and raspberries, mixed with soda. It cost you 4 Diamonds

  Santa Monica Boardwalk-Entrance Plaza:»»————>

It's a world packed with excitement lies just beyond this dazzling entrance plaza! why not prepare for the thrills with a drink from the Juice Stand?

πŸ’ŽSea Salt Fries: Snack on these hot, crispy fries, with two dipping sauces on the side. It cost you 3 Diamonds and provide you 12 XP

πŸ’ŽPopcorn Delight: A delicious blend of soda, juice, and fruit to celebrate team popcorn. It cos you 2 Diamonds and provide you 7XP 

πŸ’Ž Cotton Candy Delight: A tasty mix of lemonade, slush, and fruit to celebrate Team cotton Candy. It cost you 2 Diamonds and provides you 7 XP. 

 Santa Monica Boardwalk- Oceanview Diner:»»————>

It's an amazing beach with lots of beautiful Avakin girls there. There are lots of swing in that public place in Avakin life. 

πŸ’Ž Mini Burgers: These attractive plus tasty burgers in brioche buns are the perfect snacks that cost you 12 Diamonds and provide you 40XP.

πŸ’Ž Boardwalk Snacks: Feast on this collection of various nuts and olives which cost you 10 Diamonds along with it provide you 32XP

πŸ’Ž Double Chocolate Cappuccino: Kick-start your day with this deliciously dark and creamy cappuccino. It cost you 8 Diamonds and provide you 21XP

πŸ’Ž Spiced Ginger Ale: The flavor of this drink is amazing which is made of ginger, lemon, and mint. It cost you 7 Diamond and provide you 18XP

πŸ’Ž Raspberry Cooler: Cold down with a mix of raspberry slush, cranberry juice, moreover soda. It cost you 5 Diamond and provides you 20XP. 

πŸ’Ž Peach Iced Tea: Sip on something sweet with this sugary and refreshing iced tea...It cost you 4 Diamonds and provide you 18XP 

πŸ’Ž Sea Salt fries: Snack on these hot, crispy fries, along with two dipping sauces on the side. It cost you 3 Diamonds and provide you 12XP 

πŸ’Ž Popcorn Delight: It's a delicious blend of soda, juice, and fruit for celebrating Team popcorn. It cost you 2 Diamonds for 7XP.

πŸ’Ž Cotton Candy Delight: A tasty mix of lemonade, slush, and fruit to celebrate team cotton Candy. It cost you 2 Diamonds and provide you 7XP

✅ Rainforest Retreat- Wellbeing Centre:»»————>
Begin your wellness journey in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest along with some good meals to eat, you can swim do exercise with Amit relax herein the beauty of nature.

Caldo De Cana: As soon as you taste this sweet sugarcane juice you'll be in heaven, it cost you 5 Diamond and provide you 12 XP

Tapioca Crepe: You can't beat a delectable tapioca crepe covered in tasty toppings. 

Tacaca: Savor this delicious soup brimming with shrimp and vegetables. It cost you 8 Diamonds and provide  you 14 XP

Pato no tucupi: Enjoy this hearty and traditional dish of duck in a leafy yellow sauce. It cost you 10 Diamonds and provide you 18XP

Coxinha: This tasty street cousin is made from chicken meat and fried dough. It cost you 8 Diamonds and it provides you 14 XP

Coconut Water: This subtle, refreshing drink is just what you need on a warm day. It cost you 4 Diamonds and provide you 10 XP

Churrasco: Feast on a rich selection of perfectly seasoned and grilled meats. It cost you 10 Diamonds and provides you 18 XP.

There are four places where you can trade diamonds in Avakin life, you can work anywhere where you like and convert your Avabucks in any place machine and you can convert 500 by using one Avacoin converting machine and in total 5 coin converting machine available in Avakin life so you can convert 2500 Avacoins daily. 

✅ About Egypt Adventure: 

Egypt game in Avakin life is really amazing for giving you the chance to get 200 Avacoins daily and provide you a different badge which shows just in Egypt Public Spot. You will get Avacoins whenever you will level up at Egypt Adventure. 

How to play Egypt Adventure at Avakin Life? 

There are 10 Levels in Egypt. You will get rewards on daily basis.
There are 5 Scarab pieces at Egypt adventure which always remains at the same place. You just need to search for the key for opening the main treasure chest. There are 5 Red Boxes in Egypt which have some tattoos and some other gifts along with some of them have Avacoin and Diamonds. One red Scarab piece has the Main key to open the Treasure chest. 

πŸŽ–️You can't open any red box till you not opened 5 Scarab boxes. After that, you can open any red boxes.
After getting the Grand Prize Key in the hidden red box you can open the main chest.

πŸŽ–️Whenever you start playing the Egypt adventure game then you have 100 Keys which you use for an opening for boxes at Egypt, these are the total number of keys that you use for leveling up at Egypt Adventure when you start playing Egypt's first day. 

πŸŽ–️After using those 100 keys you will get 14 keys on a daily basis. It's on to you how you use those keys but if you waste these keys then you need to wait for opening the main chest the next day.  

One time Earned XP in Avakin life...


There is 22 Milestone in Avakin life and after completing every Milestone you will get a good number of XP so read about these things which helps you a lot for leveling up faster in the Avakin Life game.

Walk 500 Miles: By walking 500 Miles you will get 2000XP 

Judge-Mental: Rate someone else's apartment 100 times. by doing it you will get 2000XP

Squatter: Join a friend apartment 50 times you will get 1000XP

Long Haul: Rack up 128 hours of game time you will get 2000XP through it. 

Shopaholic: Buy a furniture item from four different categories you will get 2000XP

Socialite: send 50 invites to your friends for joining your apartment you will get 2000XP 

Sunbathing; you need to spend 1 hour at the golden sands bay and then you will get 1000XP

I rated, rate someone else apartment 5 times then you will get 500XP.

RSVP, send 5 Invites to friends to join your apartment then you will get 1000XP

Cream of the Crop, if you visit any public apartment were many other members in it then you will get 50XP for it. 

Gossip Guru: if you're good in talking and you post 1000 chat messages then you will get 2000XP

Make yourself at home. make your department full by decoration then you will get 500XP

Fidgety: Play with 5 different animations then you will get 500XP (Animation does not mean animation sets, it means by using of poses or actions)

World Traveled: Visit 5 Different scenes and you will get 500XP by doing it. 

Chatterbox: by posting of 10 chat messages you will get 500XP

Knock -2, Join a friend’s apartment for 5 times. By doing it you will get 500XP (It doesn't mean you join the same place 5 times, try to make join in the different apartments or join the same at different timing.)

Conversationalist, post 100 chat messages you will 1000XP after completing it. 

Gatecrashing, spend 1 hour at a stranger's apartment. After completing it you will get 1000XP. 

Fully Loaded, make your apartment fully loaded then you will get 2000XP after the completion.

Charity case, gift 3 items of furniture to friends, and by doing this you will 1000XP after completing the task.

Interior Designer, buy 7 furniture items then you will get 1000XP. 

Thanks for Reaching here, if you like to know more about anything then just comment down what you want to know and share if you have another other tip for leveling up faster. 

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