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Hello friends, Avakin Bloggers (RB) this side. Today I'm going to share with you "Avakin Happiness is a choice for you by Ronnie" by reading this blog you know how happiness is your choice and how can you remain Happy always.

Why Happiness is a Choice (It's good to make others happy always) 
You’re troubled to search out this elusive issue referred to as “happiness.” Most days, you're feeling either weak, angry, depressed, or crazy. Actually, your mood shifts quickly. You can keep in mind times once you were happy and sometimes you sad. Try to find yourself how to be happy. 

But what if I told you that you simply will really select happiness?
Let’s dive in further to gain a deeper understanding.

Happiness Isn’t an idea, It’s an Experience

The idea that happiness and joyfulness could be a selection appears to be simply that, an idea as well as one that doesn’t apply to you. 

How can you choose to be happy when someone has treated you so badly when circumstances beyond your control are bombarding you with pain?

Well, it's difficult for us to being happy when we're in the worst situation and we lose all hope at that time. If we can't lose all of our hope or if we can bounce back then only we can come over it otherwise we stuck on that pain for a long time. 

Many people feel this way

Do you think Income matters to being Happy?

One survey happened in different countries about happiness where it finds in the year 2018 reports that residents of Finland come in the first place, but the residents in the United States come in 18th place. Americans earn double income as compared to many Countries even though people not that happy with whatever they earn.
Understand the Easterlin Paradox
Americans have endlessly created more cash, however, we’re not reportage a rise in happiness. This inequality between financial gain and happiness is named the Easterlin contradiction. Chances are you see more cash currently than you ever have in your life, yet you’re still trapped in the paradox, struggling to understand why you’re unhappy.

It’s as simple as Choosing Happiness
Happiness could be a state of being that you simply will seize, like once the runner takes in the air together with her lungs. Each inhalation is essential, and with every inhalation, exhalation must follow.

She was happy to Share the experience with the other students and they welcomed them. Each day of your acutely aware existence you'll be able to opt to support others, to just accept their support, to interact in activities that are smart for you.

All of these acts will bring happiness. You can choose to trust others and do things that help them to trust you. You can choose to build up the community around you and be a part of it.

Happiness is the act of finding joy in everyday experiences with people.

The Art of Sisu Can Change You
Sisu is also about powering through exercises that are challenging and uncomfortable, such as taking a swim in an ice-cold river, running a marathon, or biking to work in the rain.

Sisu is simple: seize life, do it with courage, and build your courage by engaging with the world in challenging ways. 
People who opt to endure addiction opt to take proactive steps toward recovery.

You can consider selecting to be happy as selecting to endure depression.
As it turns out, exercise benefits recovery in a number of ways:

Exercise imitates the impact of medication on your brain (or rather, drugs imitate the effect of exercise) by releasing endorphins.

Exercise helps you sleep higher and will increase feelings of well-being.

Exercise helps you cope with stress, structure your day, and improve your
physical fitness.

Even if you don’t take it to its extent, start small and exercise on a regular basis, then build up to greater challenges.

What the Buddhists Know
Buddhism is especially involved with cultivating happiness through constant apply. First, Buddhists acknowledge that existence lends itself to pain and mental dysfunction. This is the wear and tear of the world that comes from desiring and expecting what you don’t have.
Buddhists follow these practices towards enlightenment:
Clear the mind of negative thoughts: acknowledge negative thoughts, redirect them positively, and act on positive thoughts.

 Apply mindfulness: while not applying judgment, ponder however your body feels and pay attention to your breathing; pay attention to your own thoughts; pay attention to “phenomena” — the world around you.

Meditate and concentrate: Let random thoughts go whereas you’re sitting and concentrating on one single factor, like the sound of water, your breathing, or a humming sound.

Have compassion:Personal happiness is directly associated with the happiness of others.

Buddhists choose to live neither in the past or the future. Thoughts of the past can bring brooding and depression, and thoughts of the future can bring anxiety.

Make the Smart Choice of Happiness

Happiness is finding joy in everyday experiences. 
When you value more highly to embrace others in your happiness, then with it comes community in both social networks and shared experiences.

Happiness is that the sensible alternative as a result of at bottom it’s what you are striving for; it’s what others wish, too.

When we’re selecting happiness along, we’re selecting to worry for every alternative, and therefore the whole world exposes to infinite risk.

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