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 Avakin Blogger (RB) this side, Today I am sharing with you "About Valentine Week" It's full of Love and Commitment week with your Love ones. 

Valentine is a really special week for everyone, it’s a really amazing week not only for couples but also for singles one. During this week, markets are full of crowd and you found new youth and elders on the street everywhere. Couples spend more of their time together. Valentine is one of the special days which come at the end every 14th of Feb. It’s date night for the couples on that day and they love to hang out together. During this day couples try to make their partner feel more special.

But, singles like me usually watch movies or just hang out with single friends. I didn’t find someone yet who can steal my heart by meeting her once. So, what rest of the couples do!! Well, they hang out with their Partner, going to the beaches, dinner, shopping, cinema, trips.

So, How Valentine's week begin?

Rose Day: 7th February
It begins with Rose Day which is on the 7th of Feb. On this day boys and girls give roses to each other. It’s on to you how much roses do you, gift partner, it depends upon the pocket but girls easily blushing just by seeing one rose.  It’s a really unimaginable moment for you if you getting roses from many boys or girls, don’t you feel Blush by receiving Rose like that!!

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 Most of the time girls wear Red dress on this day, the lover gives the rose to their loved ones and this week begin with the Rose day. Roses fragrance is really so good and it easily impresses anyone, I know very well everyone loves good smell don’t you!! Rose is just like a king of all flowers in fragrance and in beauty. Hundreds of different varieties of rose in this world but today I am just sharing with you the top five colours of Roses which are White, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Red.

 Do you know the mean of Rose colour in love?
The white color of roses is representing for purity, kindness and without any condition for loving someone.
Yellow color represents friendship and happiness with their love once.
Pink color represents softness, friendship, condescension, kind fullness starting a relationship with their partner.  
The orange color represents love and excitement starting a relationship with their partner.
Red color represents deep love with their partner or someone whom you love more. I see many couples exchange roses with their partner with greeting cards like a love message.  
Valentine's week starts with Rose day and after Rose day next day is for Purpose day.

Propose Day: 8th February
 Propose day means the day you approach your crush and tell her directly that you’re in love with her. I hope you’ll feel good after saying whatever the feeling in your heart for a companion.

How to propose to someone?

Well, I know very well the feeling for those who are little introvert kind of person they don’t know how to propose someone just because hesitation kill them while proposing someone. The funniest thing that I ever heard one of my friends (Amit B..) should I make GF for you??
Do you think it’s compulsory to make GF or BF if someone does not want to come into a relationship??  Think about yourself.

🧛🏻‍♂🧛🏻‍♀Try to know these things before accepting anyone proposal!

🔎Know your Partner: Well, money doesn’t matter more in love but If you have more money than you could easily attract anyone easily by gifting them more. I am sure that you can’t steal anyone's heart by doing these kinds of stuff. Some peeps attract to you but not the real one who made for you. Try to know their Background before accepting the proposal, the background doesn’t mean which family he belongs but it means how the person is.

 ðŸ¤˜ðŸ»Partner Hobbies and Interest: I think it’s better to know the partner link and interest in the partner, girls are good at remembering things. You can impress her/him more by knowing her/his interest. Likewise, by wearing the same dress color, singing the same song line which’s her/ his favorite one. Everyone like someone who remembers their like and interest.

👍🏻Good Comments:  Everyone likes praises, if you praise your GF/ BF new dress or new look (Hairstyle, dress) then surely your partner feels good to hear your talk, and everyone likes to talk to you but doesn’t do overpraise it really sounds odd. I really feel so nervous when someone calls me cutie and other things…

💬Don’t talk too much: Try to control your talkativeness, I see some peeps talking too much and not make others speaking. It sometimes shows craziness. Try to understand your partner from small things.

Important thing Before Propose:
·    ðŸŽ¯ Try to choose that place which is important for you both or that scene which your partner likes more.
·    ðŸŽ¯Try to do something like candle night dinner or going somewhere out for a drive.
·    ðŸŽ¯Don’t feel nervous before proposing someone, don’t lose your morale.
·    ðŸŽ¯Romantic the film also a good option (Try to choose the last seat only).
·    ðŸŽ¯ If you’re too shy about proposing a girl then try to give a greeting card and share your feeling about it.

🚫What if it's No for you?

Don’t feel bad if you get no from her side. It’s life Yes and no is just normal. What do you mean by love?? If you speak no to you then please don’t dare to do any crazy thing, I know you got what I mean too. You also will be her good friend and love is not only mean to be in a relationship with someone.
If you’re already in a relationship with someone then on this day you also propose to her for being your life partner. The next day which comes after this day is Chocolate day.

Chocolate Day: 9th February
Chocolate day is the 3rd day of valentine week, girls like sweetness more, and chocolate is a sign of sweetness and love in the relationship. Love work as an antidote to any problems in life. On this day you can gift chocolate to your partner, wives, friends, or anyone whom you like.

History of Chocolate:

Mexican and Mid-American begin making chocolates. At the beginning of chocolate, no one eats chocolate but they drink chocolate because of its shrill taste. In the year 1528 chocolate bring to Spain from Mexico, it’s famous in Italy in 1606. In the year 1615, France started drinking chocolate and in the year 1650 chocolate entered In England. One of the expert Doctors from Europe makes a Recipe for sweet chocolate.  

🍫Chocolate Benefits:

Chocolate is not only sweet but it also good for health, especially dark fantasy chocolates are good for health. If you eat chocolate daily then it helps you in learning things more easily and remove wrinkles. Apart from it, it also removes tensions and it helps in controlling blood pressure.

Teddy Day (10th February)
Teddy is one of the cutest things which make any girl impress because of its cuteness. On this day folk gives Teddy to their beloved ones. It’s really amazing if teddy is a little bigger in size just because some peeps like to cuddle with teddy’s while sleeping as they’re too soft.

Why this day call “Teddy day”?

American old president Rouault’s childhood name was Teddy. The story of this name once opens a time there was a toy seller man he has really amazing toy shop and his name’s Moris. One day he wrote later to the president and ask the president permission that he wants to take Teddy's name of their Bear toys. President responded his latter and give him permission to use that name.

Try to do these things while proposing:
 In love, it’s really hard to purpose someone, it’s common to see nervousness but if you have any good plan for purposing someone then you can make it memorable.  

🧸How to connect heart by Teddy Bear:
·       Softness of the teddy represents that I have worry for you.
·       Heart and teddy both are really so soft, just because of its couples’ gift teddy to each other.
·       There are lots of teddy’s available in the market, some are musical, stylish, Dore-moon, heart shape one Teddy.
·        Love and feelings are priceless.

Promise Day (11th February)
Promise day is the 5th day of valentine's week, it’s the day of promise and swears.
Try to make those promises which you can keep otherwise don’t make promises. It’s easy to make promises but difficult to keep them. It’s good to keep promises to your partner but shows yourself what actually you make a promise but make sure that you fulfilled last time promise which you did before.

Let’s know something which is good for making the relationship stronger:
·      One Promise for always: For those who like to make a relationship stronger and for a longer time they do promises with each other that they’ll not leave them till life and love them always. On this day try to make a promise to your partner that you just leave your Bad habits whatever you have (You know more about yourself). If you’re applying some good promises in your life then I am sure that your life will be better with your loving companion.
·      ✅Make Relation StrongerPromises makes your mind stronger and make your relationship strong with it. If your relationship bond isn’t strong then promises aren’t worthy in the relationship so make your relation strong.
·        Make Promise and Apply it: Try to make a promise with your companion that you’ll not be left her in any happiness and in melancholy.
·        Gift which Remembers Promise: Gift to your partner which make them remember the promise, you also can gift any the unique thing too which make them remember you while breaking a promise. Try to gift something which is always in touch with them. Like, Lock chain/ ring of hearts,

Hug Day (12th February)
Whenever we feel happy or sad and while we meet success or losing in something, we express our feeling by hugging to your love ones. I know you’re on the cloud if your new couple hugs you tightly on this day. 

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For showing love to someone we generally hug them tightly as we cuddle with teddy sometimes while sleeping. It’s normal to hug someone when we more excited sometimes like you meet your old friend by coincidences. Hug day is off to do hugs with your loved ones.

Do Hugs reduce Anxiety?
Yes, of course, it helps you to remove depression and anxiety. By reducing stress it helps you to make your life better by making your life 

·        Magical Hugs: Problems in everyone's life even they’re rich or poor but if you just hugging someone then it makes anyone feel good and during the festival, it’s really common to see hugging friends on the street while meeting them.
·      Hugs remove Distance in love: If you and your partner having small fights then just hugging them removes all the fights between the relationship and makes relation strong. Apart from it, it also good for positive thoughts in mind.
·        Remove Depression and Pain: If someone has any problem along with he’s in depression and they don’t know how to come over it then just by hug remove their pain. Hug help as a light in the darkness. It also helps to control blood pressure.
·      Caution: Try to hug only those whom you know very well and your loved ones.

Kiss Day (13th February)
For showing more affection and love with the partner couples do kisses, it’s the sweetest expression of love. There are so many problems that come in life but just a kiss can solve all tensions. Try to go out somewhere for a date with your companion or for the long drive on this day.  

Some Different expression of Kiss:
·        Lip to Lip: It shows the Deep love and Romance with the partner
·       Lip on Hickey: It shows that you’re full-on Romantic by kissing on the back neck.
·       French Kiss: Its Smooch Kiss of a tongue on the tongue and play together.
·       Lip on Forehead: It’s a sign of caring and being responsible along with living life with the partner till lifetime.

Valentine Day (14th February)
Valentine's Day Celebrate every 14th February, it celebrates this day because of the memory of the Martyrdom of Saint Valentine. Valentine is the main day of the week along with this day couple comes closer to each other for spreading love, romance, and Joy to their companion.
In this day couples spend their day with their loved ones and going out for a date for dinner, it’s the day in which the couple express their feeling with each other and doing something Romantic to make that day more memorable. For Instance, some couples do the dance together, some go out for a drive, some go out for dinner and for watching newly launched movies.

It's not just a day in which sharing gift and cards to your companion, but it's the day in which valentine sacrifice his life in the mid of February. We celebrate this day with love, commitment, and sacrifices. 

So, wanna know the Story of Valentine?
In the third century ( 269 AD), the Roman empire was ruled by King Claudius. He was the really terrible leader of Roman who always ready for the fight. During the third century, he put himself in many wars and recruiting more people to take part in wars. 

Claudius thought that mostly not want to take part in war just because they don't want to left their family or loved ones just because one soldier does not join them in availability. After that, he declared that no one will do any marriage in Roman. This act of a dictator broke all the hope of couples during that century. 

Valentine was an ordinary Christian priest who raises his voice up for love. He helps other soldiers' marriage secretly and when Emperor found about Valentine's work than he gives him the death penalty for that. When Valentine was in jail then he meets the soldier's daughter there who was blind and he started loving her. I am not sure but I read somewhere that valentine dies in mid of February. In some areas of Rome and France folks do worship for Valentine in church. 

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