Top 130 Questions for start talk with partner

Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (Ronnie) this side.  Today I’m going to share with you Top 130 Questions to ask your Girl about love” By viewing these Questions, you well got how to know your Girlfriend properly, Question how deep love she doing with you.
Well, I am around 3 years old in Avakin life. It's a romantic game where you meet different people from all over the world. Now it's just 13 or above 13+ games. In this game level matter for loving someone if you're new in it. Just because it's difficult for the newbie to attract a higher-level girl or boy, but if you're more attractive then you can easily attract them. Try to do DM(Direct message). So, she'll give you the response if she feeling bored. Even higher-level XD are usually sleeping in a different apartment and for a talker, it's difficult to survive between dead so they need someone who talks with them. I tried these things when I was a noob in avakin. But, I always try these things who had fewer friends on their list and I make them add me but sometimes I add too who attracts me more then I do. 

So, let's begin Questions that help you to know your Girlfriends properly. These are the question about love so try to ask it only from your Girl or you can ask these questions to another girl whom you like to do flirt. 

The question to ask Girl/boy about Love (1-10) 

Q: 1:  How do you know when you love someone?
Well, it's hard to know that you're in love or not. You can only know that you're in love with someone if you can't live without him or her. For instance, you can't live without your cellphone because it's your need for whatever you doing in it. That's the same thing that happens after falling in love.

Q: 2: How did you know you loved me?

Q: 3: Is romantic love the foremost vital love of all?
It matters the way you're showing your love. But, romantic guy or girl catch more attention from other folks.

Q: 4: Do you assume once you like somebody, you may invariably love them?

Q: 5: Or does one assume love will change state with time?

Q: 6: What’s the primary issue you notice concerning somebody once you fall for them?

Q: 7: What’s one thing about love that scares you?

Q: 8:  Do you believe in love at first sight?
Well, it happens in movies only. But, if someone looks more attractive or talks with you in a manner that stole your heart then probably you easily would fall her. But, if you can not see her again for a long time or not even know where she's living or from then probably you forget her easily.

Q: 9: Was it love at first sight with me?

Q: 10: What’s your favorite way to show affection?
Well, some girls use to show their more affection to kids and for pets. But if you show her your feeling about her then probably she'll not live without you. Make her feel like that she's more important for you. 

 The question to ask Girl/ boy about Love (11-20) 

Q: 11: What’s your favorite way to receive affection?

Q: 12: Would you rather be loved or love?

Q: 13: What does beauty mean to you?
Well, beauty not more matters about-face or look. But, if you're too kind for someone then you're really more special.

Q: 14: Which do you agree with?

Q: 15: Love should feel snug, or love should always feel new and exciting?

Q: 16: What do you think makes people fall out of love?

Q: 17: What makes you fall out of love?

Q: 18: Do you believe individuals will amendment if they love someone?

Q: 19: Do you assume knowing whether or not or not its love depends on however long you’ve known the person?

Q: 20: How long does one assume it takes before you recognize you like someone?

The question to ask Girl/boy about Love (21-30) 

Q: 21: Would you continue to be ready to love somebody once they’ve been unfaithful?

Q: 22: What constitutes cheating/unfaithfulness for you?

Q: 23:  Which is your dream car?

Q: 24: If you like somebody, is unfaithfulness/cheating something that can be forgiven?

Q: 25: When it involves cheating, forgive and forget, forgive but don’t forget, or don’t forgive at all?

Q: 26: Do you believe love changes you?

Q: 27: Do you assume individuals ought to amendment themselves to seek out love?

Q: 28: What does one assume is that the most significant issue of keeping love alive during a relationship?

Q: 29: Which love do you like to take Extraordinary love which that doesn’t last forever or an ordinary love that does?

Q: 30: Is forever something you think about with me?

The question to ask Girl/boy about Love (31-40) 

Q: 31: Do you think the way your family loves has affected the way you love?

Q: 32: Who is one couple you recognize that you simply admire in terms of love?

Q: 33: Do you believe you'll be friends with somebody you liked within the past?

Q: 34: What do you think is the most important part of a romantic relationship?

Q: 35: What makes a relationship healthy?

Q: 36: What’s a more important physical connection, or emotional?

Q: 37:  What quite a music does one just like the most?

Q: 38: What is your idea of a perfect evening?

Q: 39: Have you ever modified yourself to form somebody who loves you?

Q: 40: If you had a toddler what’s the primary issue you'd teach them concerning love?

The question to ask Girl about Love (41-50) 
Q: 41: What’s one thing about love that scares you?

Q: 42: Do you believe vulnerability could be a sensible issue once it involves love?

Q: 43: What are the foremost vulnerable means you let somebody into your life?

Q: 44: Define love in 5 words.

Q: 45: What’s the craziest thing you’d do for love?

Q: 46: What is the foremost embarrassing that happened to you in primary school?

Q: 47: What things you grab first if your house was on fire?

Q: 48: Which trip do you like to go to your dream?

Q: 49: For how long did your last relationship last and what was the explanation for your breakup?

Q: 50: What aspect of his personality was most likable/ unlikable for you?

The question to ask Girl about Love (51-60) 

Q: 51: Have you ever betrayed anyone in relationships? What were the reasons?

Q: 52: What do you think is the wastage of money? How important is money in your life?

Q: 53: Love, what is it?

Q: 54: How will we tend to make sure that we actually love someone?

Q: 55: What about fights... and conflicts?

Q: 56: Can you always stand with me till life?

Q: 57: What is the first thing you noticed about me?

Q: 58: What role will sexual desire play in whether or not or not you pursue a relationship?

Q: 59: What style of scent does one like on a woman?

Q: 60: How do you describe me to other people?

The question to ask Girl about Love (61-70) 

Q: 61: How does one assume I ought to describe you to alternative people?

Q: 62: What could I do for you that I don't do now?

Q: 63: What is the primary issue you're thinking that once you see me?

Q: 64: What qualities make me special to you?

Q: 65: If you may have 3 needs from the American state, what would they be?

Q: 66: What goals do you have for us?

Q: 67: What was the primary issue you thought once you met me?

Q: 68: What did you're thinking that concerning American state once you 1st saw me?

Q: 69: Do I make you happy?

Q: 70: Which song involves your mind and heart, while you think of me?

The question to ask Girl about Love (71-80) 

Q: 71: When specifically did you fall smitten with me?

Q: 72: What are the items that inform you of me?

Q: 73: What are your feelings about our first kiss?

Q: 74: What would you like me to call you?

Q: 75: Who would be your dream date?

Q: 76: Where would you favor to travel for your honeymoon?

Q: 77: How to make you more special?

Q: 78: What is it I have to do to keep you in my life forever?

Q: 79: Which is the one flaw in me that you hate the most and want me to correct?

Q: 80: What are your romantic fantasies?

The question to ask Girl about Love (81-90) 

Q: 81: What kind of lingerie do you like?

Q: 82: How you feel if we spend the night together?

Q: 83: If you have to be in a long-distance relationship, are you willing to fight it out?

Q: 84: How many kids would you like to have?

Q: 85: By what time would you want me to be back from work?

Q: 86: Do you believe that I am your soulmate?

Q: 87: How do you want the wedding to be?

Q: 88: What is the foremost vital issue educated to you by your family?

Q: 89: If I do not specify it to you, how do you know that I want to make love?

Q: 90: What is your idea of being happily married?

The question to ask Girl about Love (91-100) 

Q: 91: What is intimacy for you?

Q: 92: According to you, what makes for a perfect man?

Q: 93: If I were to own had a past relationship, would that bother you? Why?

Q: 94:  What is your favorite TV show?

Q: 95: What is your saddest memory?

Q: 96: What is your biggest fear?

Q: 97: What turns you off the most?

Q: 98: When you pray, whom do you pray for?

Q: 99: How many kids would you like to have?

Q: 100: What does a good relationship look like?

The question to ask Girl about Love (101-110) 

Q: 101: What was the foremost scary moment of your life?

Q: 102: Have you ever been cheated? If yes, how?

Q: 103: Have you ever have taken any antidepressants or anxiety medication?

Q: 104: Do you think of me as the only one you could tell anything and everything too?

Q: 105: Which is the song that makes you cry?

Q: 106: Do you give out second chances too easily?

Q: 107: How would you feel if I told you I still have feelings for my ex?

Q: 108: Do you regret any of your decisions? What are they?

Q: 109: Which advise does one assume was the most effective that you simply have received?

Q: 110: Do you have an image regarding the dream direct your mind?

The question to ask Girl about Love (111-120) 

Q: 111: Who would be that one celebrity you'd need to modify life with?

Q: 112: Would you wish to pay your New Year’s Eve partying with friends in a very disc, or a romantic dinner with me?

Q: 113: Which is that one thing you're immensely passionate about?

Q: 114: Do you think we could dwell into a 'live-in' relationship?

Q: 115: Do you believe in God?

Q: 116: Do you like to associate degree exotic meal in five-star hotels or a supremely delicious fruit-cake from a nearby restaurant?

Q: 117: Do you like to dance? Can you teach me some dancing skills?

Q: 118: How were your school days?

Q: 119: Is there any specific funny incident that you simply keep in mind vividly?

Q: 120:  What you do when you scared at night?

The question to ask Girl about Love (121-130) 

Q: 121: What are the languages in which you can speak fluently?

Q: 122: What is your favorite sport?

Q: 123: Is there a thing you'd want to keep doing for the rest of your life?

Q: 124:  What do you like about yourself the most?

Q: 125: What can totally impress you?

Q: 126: What title you like to give if anyone wrote your life story

Q: 127: Where does one see yourself ten years from now?

Q: 128: Who is your inspiration for life?

Q: 129:  What makes you smile instantly?

Q: 130: Are you addicted to Facebook?

Thanks for clicking my blog, I hope you like it. Hope these questions help you to make your girlfriend love you more. For collaboration then ping me on IG: Avakin_bloggers

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