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Hello friends, Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today I'm sharing with you the "About Avakin life game" in this blog I mentioned Avakin life mod which helps you in Avakin life for getting more XP. Mod of clothing or Mod of Unlocked everything in Avakin life.

How to Create Cute Avatar in Avakin for Male and Female?

Create your own character

Click : Avakin life Photography 
It's easy to edit the profile of Avakin life, Avakin provides customize options to edit profile as per your choice. You only can change one more time for free of cost but if you trying to change the name after the second time then it charges 5k  Avacoin for it. You can change your Hashtag anytime. You can change your mood, film choice, fashion style, hobby location anytime. You can earn 11 more badges which are, Fashion master, fashion model, and many seasonable badges that come throughout the year. 

 Avakin Life (MOD several Features) by Lockwood commercial enterprise is additionally such a game. The sport was free on Apr twenty-two, 2016, thus far the sport has reached over ten million downloads on Google Play.

 Within the lovely 3D world, you'll well dress up, shop, explore and meet, create friends with alternative players around the world. This can be an excellent chance for you to possess a second life, making an attempt to be the person you unreal.

However, you'll have the option of custom skin color, hairstyle, face, and gesture. A tall, masculine guy with romantic hair and classy clothes? (Height and body are the same of all Avatar) A cute, cheerful woman whose smiles stole the heart of boys with the fellows around? If you had an inspiration regarding the character, why don’t you create it today?

Click : (Avakin life Top 20 Family to Join them)
These are the Public chat room where you meet new people Daily
Avakin life encourages players to make their apartments according to too their own choice and Avatar is so stylish. I love hairs, clothes/outfits, shoes too much in this game. All these things are taken from real life. Animation sets are adopting in Avakin in the year of 2019. I love the way like my avatar walking in Avakin life. 

Try to collect Diamond of all of your Apartments for getting XP on a daily base.

Click: How to earn Avacoins?

After installation of Avakin life game, you'll get some Avacoins and you have the option of choosing gender as well as you have the choice to choose how your newbie avatar will look. Cash and XP points are often earned by completing some daily tasks.

Build your dream home

Avakin Lifestyle 

Of course. In spite of that world, you would like to figure if you wish to possess cash. However, in contrast to the important world, Avakin Life permits you to decide on any job you're keen on with none expertise, faculty degree, or the other demand. 

A waiter at a cafe? An eating place manager or a taxi driver? Opt for your favorite jobs, push and earn the most important quantity doable. Not solely beautify of Avakin life character, however, you'll add style and build a house that you simply dream of. Optionally move the piece of furniture and decorations to make a house within the house. This additionally helps you gain loads of expertise points to level up.

Click : How to Start talk with Girls ?

Enjoy Party all night

Avakin Life party

“Work hard, play hard”. When a tough day of labor, the evening is once you wear the foremost lovely, most costly garments and participate in parties within the town, be it a club or an active music party at your friend’s house. 

If you're someone who likes to fulfill, date, and chat with strangers, this can be an excellent place for you as a result of Avakin Life options to talk with folks around. Chat, create friends.

It could be dangerous for teens who are less than 13 age because some personal information could be dangerous functions. Therefore, Avakin's life solely permits a player aged 13 or above.

High Graphics Game

Avakin Life graphics 

I have to admit that Avakin Life's graphics square measure is very vivid and realistic. High-quality 3D graphics with sharp pictures for each detail. The read helps you observe the whole surroundings. 

Folks square measure imposingly designed with a series of various actions, simulated on the point of the important world. As an internet game, Avakin Life needs your device to be connected to 4G  or some wireless kind of local area network.


Players within the game see me naked while using the mod are you able to fix it?
Why do I really like Avakin Life?

Avakin Life could be a game that you simply will play for complimentary anytime, anywhere. Be a part of currently this game these days to fulfill your fascinating friends around the world. It's not necessary of using the mod in Avakin life, I shared it here just for sharing Information.

If you're using Items of Mod then you only see that thing which you wearing others will see you naked because these things are not your own and Mod just visualizing that you're wearing it. I recommend you use mod only if you like to Dance by wearing a Different outfit or something whatever you like but hope you'll not get Banned by using it excessively. 

How to make username Blank?
Copy this text (              )
By copying this text you can make your name blank so no one sees it and you will remain anonymous for others.

Is it save using Avakin Mod?
Well, it's not much safe using mod because it goes against the AvakinOficcial policy and if you have one then try to use it in a smart way. Like, uninstall Avakin after getting XP or after gifting some limited item whatever you using the mod for!

Download Avakin life Game:  Download Now

For Avakin Life mod apk:  Download Now

For changing profile picture in Avakin life there's another profile mod is available which give you the option for uploading picture with the help of the link.

Step one: Download this: Avakin Profile Mod

Step Two: Download: Photo Uploader 
(Photo uploader helps you to upload your picture by providing you the link of your photo or you can use any other app too.)

Step third: Copy the link of the picture that you need after uploading it on the photo uploader and then paste that link on the profile. (You get the option of uploading a link on the left side of the profile) After pasting the link you just need to take click the picture by opening the editing option.

People who edited their pictures and using some frames get special features by doing all these things only. Try to use up to 100-200kb .img pictures.  

Disclaimer: I am just sharing it for knowledge but if you're trying to increase your level for using mod always then it's risky for you too because the Avakin life team monitors those account who leveling up so quickly and due to this practice your account could be banned too so it's on to you.

 I just make this post because of folks for searching these things only. There's no such thing in Avakin life which increases your coins automatically all those Accounts who have millions of Avacoins spend so much money on buying coins. 

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you like it. If you like to know more about Avakin life, then Comment down what you like to know.

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  1. But if its unlimited money then will the other people in the game see my clothed

    1. There's no mod which will provide anyone Avacoin and clothing. You just can wear clothes but no one could see your clothing. The mod which mentioned above Will provide you XP if you wanna try that.

      Caution⚠ : If you always are in mod and not use any Avakin original game then your account could banned

  2. If I download avakin life unlimited money will the other people in the game see my clothes

    1. There's no unlimited coins thing, no one can see if you use Unpurchased clothing