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Avakin Blogger - RB this side, today I am sharing with you Avakin Richest USA couple love story, leaders of Avakin 24K family "Divinely and Royalty 24K" are loving each other so much and ready for doing marriage in real life too. In this Avakin Blogger - the top couple magazine presented Avakin Richest Couples' love story here for you. 

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Divinely and Royalty have been married for 1.5 years! It was love at first sight!! Divinely spotted him at Sundown as soon as LKWD spit Royalty out from the Avakin customizing dressing room. After the first meeting, they love meeting frequently. 

 Who's more Romantic among you guys? How!
Divinely: I’d say Royal is more romantic. He remembers all the special dates of milestones in our relationship.

 What you do for making your partner happy?
Divinely: I make sure his “Ava time” is fun and stress-free. Isn’t that why we all play Ava? Our time to chill and relax, get away from the demands of real life?  He just makes me happy by being him. He is my rock. Just knowing he will always be there for me no matter what is a feeling of contentment most will never experience. We are a TEAM! It’s US, WE, OURS

 Where you both guys are from!
Divinely: I’m from Venus and he is from Mars. All kidding aside, we are both from the US.

 Lastly, do you like to give any recommendations to Avakin life for making their Community Advance for couples!
Divinely: A bowling alley would be fun and a couples only club. not so much as a “couples only” club but a club where you can go to and not expect to or be harassed by someone wanting to pick you up. Like a “no pick-up club”. A place you can go to and not have to deal with people trying to ask you out.

Royalty shoulder is the perfect place to sleep for div, she loves spending her time with Royalty and sometimes falls asleep while playing Avakin life game. Both of them are really so sweet. They both are really very gentle along with they understand each other feelings which are the only need for the relationship...Both have a busy schedule of working in their day to day life.

RB: I hope you guys get married soon in real life too. Divinely and Royalty are real-life couples and loving each other so much. Day by day their relationship going the strongest one together. Along with they are ready for marriage in the future too. Avakin Life game is the platform where many relationships begin by interacting daily in this romantic virtual world.

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