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Avakin Blogger this side, today I am sharing with you Malaysia fashion Illustrator Helmy Harun Artistic Studio Interview, he is a young illustrator and making amazing designs. Helmy gives credit for their success to their parents for supporting him always. 

My name Is Helmy Harun, I’m 23 and I’m from Malaysia. I started to get involved in Fashion Designing and Illustration when I was 13. That was the time when Gaga made her big appearance and that inspired me a lot.

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So, let's started Helmy Harun Interview in Avakin Blogger...

RB: How much time do you take for making any Illustration?
Helmy: Depending on the media I am using. For example, if I’m doing an illustration that only using markers then less than an hour should be okay. But if I’m using mixed media techniques (like I always do) that would be up to 3hours.

RB: How do you get inspired for your work?
Helmy: By watching other designers and Illustrators producing their magnificent works and also inspired by my own passion and desire to do more and more. I also love to be in a competition with myself of who I was yesterday.

RB: Whom do you give credit for your success? 
Helmy: I would say, my Parents.

RB: Please share with us your achievements?
Helmy: I won one of the local Fashion competitions in Malaysian Songket Fashion…

RB: Please Describe your work! And what qualities make you different from the rest of the Artist?
Helmy: I love pouring my love and exploration of my works. I like it to be very strong. Original. Experimented. Extravagance and Fierce. I think what makes me different from the other artists is that I express my feelings and my emotions to my works despite growing up slowly in a very small town and not having enough. But that does not make me stop from achieving what I wanted. As I dislike making excuses for it, I work for it. 

RB: Please share your experiences to deal with difficult customers/Clients?
Helmy: My difficult times with clients were when they promised to make a final payment but that took me many months of waiting upon completing my works.

RB: Describe any time when you worked hard for making any Design but you get a negative response from your customers or clients!
Helmy: So far, I’m very thankful that there were never a negative feedbacks coming from my clients! FYI, I sold my illustrations to the South African clients, Italian, American and even French. And they were all very sweet and kind!  

RB: How do you manage change?
Helmy: I worked very hard every single time. I also learn from hard times and tried my best to avoid anything that might cause trouble.

RB: What software and materials do you use for making Illustration Design?
Helmy: I use Copic markers, Brushmarker from Winsor and Newton, Kurecolor, Artline pen, pencil color (any brand), alpha watercolor, Watercolor palette by Daler and Rowney. Also, I use Adobe Photoshop sometimes.

RB: How to do intent daily and weekly actives
Helmy: I’m a freelancer so yes I pretty much am very used to it. So I also involved in my daily activity but also I managed to do my works on time all the time as well.

Thanks for coming here for sharing your Ideas about fashion Illustration, Glad to see you guys here, I hope you like this Interview, stay tuned for the next illustrator if you have any question about fashion illustration designing or about fashion then just comment down, I will try to give you the response as soon as possible. 

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