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Avakin Blogger (RB) this side. Today I'm going to share with you "How you earn Avacoins in Avakinlife game " by reading this blog you know how to get Avacoins in Avakin life.

Generally saying, without using an
y hack tool you can earn Avacoins by using these techniques. Here’s a list of all the methods of make Avacoins in Avakin Life. Actually, if you use any tricks then it’s a risk on your account to be banned from Avakin communities. If you use these normal Techniques then you can earn coins without any risk on it.

1) Tapjoy
This is the community that has the copyright of advertising on Avakin life game, Tapjoy advertising others application and many things which help the user to earn Avacoin and avakin life get money from them. These advertisements of this game only way of earning an income of Avakin life game. A large number of applications are on Tapjoy who give the challenge to the user and after completion of the task, they give Avacoins in return of it.

2) Work at 23 Street Cafe and club sun down
You easily can-do trade of Diamond in Avakin life or do work of free by taking anyone help or do help by your own by creating a new account and help to your main account always. Street cafe and other spot are available in Avakin where you can work and earn money through it.

3) Purchase Avacoin

You can purchase Avacoin and it is the easiest way to get Avacoins. Folk who had lots of funds they love spending their money on Avakin for buying everything. There are lots of Rich people who connected with this Avakin community and they enjoy playing Avakin. 

4) Create Instagram

You can earn through Instagram by completing challenge what Avakin life official give other, even though many other Avakin Instagram make a game (Giveaway) of posting their picture of the timeline and if someone wins it they got wings and whatever they want as per the cash they advertised of. These giveaways are easy to do.

5) Mystery Box
You can get a gift of coins, clothes and many more stuff by opening Mystery Boxes. It’s quite easy, you just need to watch ads video and after that, you can open mystery boxes.

50% Sale ( Avakin wings, hats, apartment, outfits, shoes) 
Many times Avakin life Bring 50% Sales on many different Items on the support of seasonal sales and on some commodities which Avakin closed to soon. If you already have those things for paying it for full prices and seeing it prices fall down to half rate then probably you feel bad but if you got a chance of buying anything for half rate then you feel amazing for buying it for profit. 

6) Egypt Mission
You can earn 200 Avacoins by completing the task of Egypt every day, this is quite easy for those who already know scarab. Scarab location is always remaining the same, but the key location changes every single time. In addition, you can join another place and ask others for knowing the key location, I found many people are very helpful. By completing of Egypt mission your level also increases in Egypt which’s maximum 10 and by reaching to level 5 you earn 500 Avacoin and when you reach to the level 10 then you earn 1000 Avacoins.

7) Avakin Fashion

You can easily earn coins if you’re good in fashion or design, I saw many people earn lots of coins from it. You can participate in gold free of cost but you need to wear something which is compulsory to take photoshoot. For silver, you need to pay 50 Avacoin and for Gold it's free.

8) Level up
By leveling up you'll get Avacoin in return of it as well some diamond, as much your level increases, you’ll earn more coins and diamonds.
For Level 10 = 1000
For Level 20 = 1000
For Level 30 = 1500
For Level 40 = 2000
For level 50 = 5000
For Level 60 = 3500
For Level 65 = 10000
For Level 68 = 3500

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Best Tips for making lots of Avacoins in Avakin life. 


People are generally creating new Avacoins for gifting their main account apartment and earning coins by doing trades usually. So, are you ready for knowing the secrets!

Developing your main profile by Gifting from another account to itAvakin does not confirm the Email of anyone who. If you using any other people's email for saving your information then you easily can save your information and can make other accounts too.
If you just work on your new account for an hour daily for making coins like for joining in the contest and playing Egypt along with for making some effort for getting XP then you easily get 30,000 in a month without doing much.
Many players who selling coins are selling accounts who give you around 30-35k coins they using this trick always and some are using the mod.

Without using mod also you can easily get level up to 6 within a week. Follow the following tips for leveling up:

1: Over texting in your own Apartment gives you 260 XP

2: Collecting Diamonds daily helps you for making coins by trading it. For Instance, I have 82 Apartment so I can make 820 Diamonds daily and after collecting Diamonds daily gives me 82*20= 1640XP

3: Rating apartment, you will get 15 XP after rating any apartment and you will get XP of 7 Apartment on daily bases = 135XP

4: Invite friends or take you another account in your apartment and you will get 140XP of 7 Apartment

5: Feed 2 different pets daily and get 50XP Each

6: Participate in the Fashion contest and play Egypt for earning Avacoins daily. You will get up to 300 or more Avacoins Daily if you participate in the contest and more Avacoins on level up

7: Building machine will provide you 25 XP on the building of anything, if you cancel whatever you build up to 4 times then you get 100 XP out of it but don’t use it always. When your Item will ready then you get 25XP too

8: Daily bonus wheel is opened 3 times in a day, you need to see when it'll available again for you along with ads one also available after that and the 3rd one available after 7 hours. 

For More: How to Get XP 

Thanks for visiting here, I hope these things will helop you in playing Avakin life. You all are welcome in this Avakin life Community.  g

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  2. I really avacoins and aanimation set need it so i can be friends with higher levels and feel like i I'm rich

    1. For being friends with high lvl there's no requirements of "Avacoins and the no. of animation set or wings you have". Just a good chat is required.