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Today I am sharing with you one talented fashion illustrator who impress their clients by their amazing illustration. She's the talented illustrator from Spain and her name is Paula Saravia (Marioneta).

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She is really so passionate about making different types of fashion illustrations in Fashion Week.
So, let's begin her Interview taken by Avakin Blogger- RB

RB: What qualities make any art look unique? How you adopt new ideas in your work for making it look attractive?
Paula: Well, I love realistic illustrations, but sometimes it makes me feel bored with making the same illustration. Although, I usually try to make something different, exaggerating certain body shapes. For me, it is necessary to make an illustration that touches other souls after seeing it.

RB: Did you complete any fashion Illustration course?
Paula: Yes, I have a 3-year illustration degree at Esdip school. I have a 5 years business degree too.

RB: How you understand the need of your clients before making any illustration. 
Paula: Well, the communication between the client (fashion designer) and illustrator is very important. I have to understand perfectly which is the idea the client has in his head. They usually share with me some pictures of their owns sketches along with they give some description of the illustration they're in need.

RB: Does anyone can be an illustrator? What challenges did you face when you learning illustration?
Paula: Yes, of course, anyone could be. Every child express themselves by making a drawing. Everybody drew something when they were a child, but a lot of them left it when they grew up. Those who make drawing their hobbies have become illustrator.

The work which makes you feel good in doing it will make you professional by practicing it. 

RB: How you describe Illustrator work?
Paula: For me, it is not a work. It is a necessity in my life. There's no any day go without making any illustration. 


RB: Please tell us about your achievement in fashion designing?
Paula: The Best achievement for me was to have enough courage to leave my job from the bank where I wasn't satisfied with my profession so I try to work in something which I am in love with. 

RB: What things do you need when you making any illustration?
Paula: I need my PC and my Wacom tablet. Particular most prestigious I need the inspirations to stay with me

RB: What’s the scope for fashion illustration drawing during these days in the place where you live?
Paula: Artist is working to show our work to make more hopeful and bearable these days

RB: What is the best way to learn fashion illustration designing?
Paula: The best way is to see a lot of art and try to make your own by keep practicing it. Visit museums, exhibitions, follow other fashion artists. And practice. You need to draw more than 1000 hours to be good at it. 

RB: What admired you the most for making amazing illustrations?
Paula: Originality, color mastery, expressiveness

RB: Do you think “It’s compulsory to do any course for being a fashion designer”?
Paula: In my opinion, it is not necessary but it is highly recommended in the office or any job. If you started your business on your own then it's not necessary to have any degree of it. 

RB: Who are your favorite fashion designer and what you like more about his/her work?
Paula: My favorites fashion designers are:
Valentino (excellence and elegance in equal parts)
Carolina Herrera (Beauty wearable)
Iris Van Herper (genius and originality)

RB: How much does a fashion illustrator earn in Spain?
Paula: I’m afraid not that much but the prices of our work depend upon the clients that we get. It's difficult to set prices because competitors are talented too and provide the same work at less cost.

Some of Paula's amazing fashion Illustrations of fashion Weeks. 

Floral Designer outfits for fashion week.

Fashion Magazine - Paula Saravia 


Glad to see you here, I hope you inspired for making illustration like this. Keep practice until success and one day you will make an amazing illustrations like her. If you're good at illustration and want to share your own ideas then comment below and mention your Instagram username to reaching to you. 

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