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Hello friends comment down what you like more about avakin life and how long you're playing this game?
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Below mentioned are the tips which help you for knowing about Avakin life...

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  1. Well, I am Ronnie (Robin) in Avakinlife and playing this game from last 3 years. My experience is good about Avakin life world, it's the world where you can freely make friends and meeting new folks everyday.

    As time going so many new things are coming in avakin which make more peeps more attractive to playing this game. Interaction, Dance, Poses, public chats and places, camera as well as freely trolling here and there really nice.
    Nowadays, I found less people for talks. Most of folks coming online for sleeping, they make their cellphones on and going to take naps at that time.

  2. Well, the changes that I experienced from my noob days to the rich one is that noob one time is much better than the rich one, lol
    Avakin view: some couples of months ago I see Avakin more like, parties, games (Treading games) finding new exciting stuffs and Many more., alot of that changed as I became more experienced on Avakin life, I barely attend parties, play Truth and Dare, hide and seek, it's not less than realistic one as far I know. I think this changed due to more experience in the game and the people I'm surrounded with, well Avakin was less competition for me then compared to now you wanna get all the new stuffs to keep up the trend etc..
    Even People asking gifts always, maybe it's because age limit change in avakin and teens asking for gift I guess.
    My thought is most people forgot the fun that they do old time, spending time together with friends and lover is really more enjoyable. Nowadays, competition increase more in avakin as the prices increase and new stuff developed in Avakin, Avakin changed alot from past some years ago
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    1. Thanks for sharing your Ideas, these experience are really good that I see too in Avakin life.